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6 awesome website designs and why we love them

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“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” – Will Rogers

It’s true, whether it’s fair or not, first impressions are really important, whether that’s in person or online. And online, we all know exactly what is going to make that impression for you…

Your website.

Small factors such as load times, the cursor and the way your business is presented on the site can have a huge impact on whether or not your prospects stay on there and explore more about you.

It’s something we feel very strongly about here at Strafe Creative, and it’s a key driver behind many of the design decisions we make. From clearly stating what your business does to building credibility through social proof and reviews, we strive to build websites that engage and convert for our clients.

Those first impressions really can be a game changer.

With that in mind, today’s blog is about six of the best website designs in 2022. I had a great first impression of every single one of these, so I’ll explain what really stood out about each and why I loved them.

As with our ‘best design agency’ blogs, I won’t sneakily include any of our work here.  This post is a celebration of the best website designs in 2022 across a range of industries.



Best website designs 2022: Coastal World

I think it’s safe to say that most banking websites aren’t the most exciting digital experiences, are they?

Well, step aside boring banks, Coastal Bank in the US has flipped that perception on its head with an interactive experience for prospective customers. The bank itself is focused on community and trying bold ideas, so what better way to do so than with a digital experience to help customers work out which services and products they might need…

Coastal World is an immersive 3D web platform that promotes, educates, and informs visitors about digital banking solutions that best fit their lifestyle, values, or specific financial situations through a fun and engaging online experience.

When you initially enter Coastal World, the welcome avatar asks you what you’re interested in (savings, budgeting etc) and what you care about (environment, family etc). Once you’ve chosen your options the digital platform offers you personalised information that helps you learn more about banks that suit your areas of interest.

Navigate around the island, complete challenges, collect CP and learn more about the products and services available to you. So often we stay with the bank we’ve always been with, or the one that’s cheapest, however, Coastal Bank offers so much more than that and this interactive platform really showcases this message.

Such a fantastic way to give a typically dry subject an injection of value, personality and fun.


Best website designs 2022: AirPods Pro

A big web design trend this year has been scrollytelling – telling a story or presenting information as the user scrolls down the page. A great way to engage the user and present relevant information and answer potential objections throughout a product page.

Whilst we only expect the best from Apple these days anyway, I wanted to share this as a beautiful example of a well-thought-out product page. At Strafe we love smart, high-converting websites that handle objections and engage users and this page does exactly that.

The content of the page addresses a couple of different personas, those who love the technical details and those who just love Apple. The iconic brand images of the silhouettes dancing with white earbuds are early on the page and it immediately builds credibility through bold fonts, big statements and a showcase of the latest AirPod technology.

As you scroll down, additional features are showcased and objections answered. Bold, neon green lettering highlights important words, to catch the eye of a fast scroller and the use of diagrams shows the range of earbuds sizes there are – combating that big objection ‘they won’t stay in my ear’, I’m sure many people have.

A beautifully built site that is not only immersive and informative. The longer you’re on this page, the more likely you are to want to buy the new AirPods and that’s the beauty of scrolly-telling.


Best website designs 2022: Rollie

Rollie Nation is an Australian shoe company focused on comfort through great design. The brand is packed with personality which comes across authentically throughout the web experience.

On the homepage you can see a fantastic use of a sticky CTA in the top fold, enabling customers to immediately get to the product listing page without looking for a CTA button.

The product pages are designed and built beautifully. High quality imagery and videos shows the shoes from a range of different angles, expand the descriptions for further information and care details, and learn more about the founder, all within one page.

Paralaxing (when the ‘add to cart’ section stays in the users eyeline) ensures that the user still has the option to add to their cart whilst exploring all this additional information.

Usually product detail pages don’t use coloured backgrounds, but the use of it on the Rollie website suits the brand perfectly. The white CTA buttons stand out against this coloured background, and if you continue scrolling CTA bar appears at the top of the page allowing users to choose the shoe size and add to cart no matter where they are on the page.


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Best website designs 2022: Hyer

If you’ve ever looked at websites for private jets before (I know I don’t do this, so fair play if you do), then you’ll see they’re quite traditionally designed and complicated.

Hyer challenges that norm with a website that is big, bold and brave.

With high-quality imagery, clear concise copy and the striking use of motion on the top fold of the homepage, the Hyer website has you wanting more.

Each part of the design adds credibility, answers objections and explains to you why their service is different to others. A simple CTA allows you to easily enquire about a plane or shared plane service there and then.

The design is simple, sleek and free of any distractions.


Best website designs 2022: Menudurable

Unlike the other websites, Menudurable is an educational website offering those responsible for setting menus in Canadian healthcare facilities with a step-by-step guide to creating sustainable menus.

There is a lot of information to consume on this website, however the clean and colourful design makes the information a lot more engaging.

Easily navigate through the food types, learn more about their nutritional value, get recipe ideas and understand how to be more sustainable in food and purchasing choices. As you scroll through the content, a progress bar shows how far you’ve come and you can download the content as a PDF too, to print or share with others.

It’s a really engaging site and you can see yourself coming back time and time again to find more information.


Best website designs 2022: Happy Egg

It’s not every day you see a website promoting eggs, but Happy Egg clearly wanted to stand out from the crowd with this simple, yet personality-packed site.

What stands out to me initially is that it’s been designed for mobile users as a priority, large CTA button allows visitors to find a stockist of Happy Egg whilst they’re on the go and using their phone.

The target audience is clearly people who LOVE eggs and want to know they’ve come from happy hens. The site is packed with recipes, entertaining blog content and facts about eggs. It really stood out to me because you rarely see websites about such an essential foodstuff.

Whilst it’s not the best website I’ve ever seen, within the world of how interesting eggs actually are, it’s egg-cellent 😆.


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