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Digital Product Design

Whether you are creating an all new digital product, or you have been through the initial stages of funding following a successful MVP, we love creating digital product design projects. We are very passionate about applying our user-focused approach to ensure we are creating the best user-friendly products that your clients will love.

Digital product planning

From the project’s inception we build a picture of success for the digital product through vision and technical sessions, and draw up a series of key goals. This planning phase informs the following UX and prototyping stages where we utilise interactive design tools to propose an ideal customer journey. This keeps focus on the key goals later in the digital product design lifecycle and ensures we're creating a product which your clients will love.

Focused, friendly and driven

We see ourselves as part of your team, we work closely with you throughout the whole digital product project, from initial product strategy and research, all the way through to design and build. If your product is already with your developer team and just need us to get involved from a design perceptive? No problem!

We can work closely with your developers to ensure that we utilise designs that can be seemly implemented using the selected developer stack in order to make their lives as easy as possible.


Why hire a digital product agency?

Agencies like Strafe Creative are used to handle the focus and speed needed to create an amazing digital product. Working from an outsider point of view we have the ability to be more open minded in discovering potential user objections as we might have to ensure we can answer those with a well thought-out design. Our team works hard to ensure high quality and our well-established process maps are created so no detail is missed.

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Our approach

Although we are a process driven business, we are extremely aware that to become an integral part of your team we will have to work around what is best for your clients, so regardless of the size of the project we will always be on hand to help and cater to your individual workflows.


We consider this the initial stage of the process, where we take a step back to consider the bigger picture and all product related questions. What are we trying to address here? Who exactly is the target market? And how can we help these people?

Product Userflow

An essential part of digital product design is the userflow, this allows us to consider all product interactions from a user perceptive by ensuring the design is easy to navigate and use.

UX/UI Design

This is where we decide what key areas we need to focus on following the userflow. Is there a key search area or an area of the digital product which needs to collect large amounts of data in a simple manner. We must consider these first before we can concern ourselves with the overall appearance of the digital product.

Visual Aesthetics

As visual creatures, people in general will judge a digital product by its overall appearance, so we want to ensure that we create a product that is both appealing and easy to use. This normally starts with an agreed single page before moving on to the individual internals.


Once the userflow, wireframes and visual identity are all established, we need to ensure that everything is working correctly before we start to code i.e. hand over to the developers. This is why it is critical to obtain a full design sign off.

Prep for Build/Build

At this stage, we move into web development with our in-house developers. However, we are aware that a number of seed funded companies will have their own in-house developers. In that case, we ensure great levels of communication and cooperation between both teams to ensure we are working within their desired stacks.

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