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Ecommerce Conversion Audit

Go on, be honest with us…

Are you struggling to convert visitors into paying customers?

As an Ecommerce company, we’re guessing you’re trying to solve this and balance all sorts of other challenges.

Keeping the user experience simple, improving the conversion rate, reducing customer service messages, adding new functionalities and enhancing your product range - there is a lot to do and all of it can feel like the highest priority.

An objective point of view could help you decide what to prioritise first…

A fresh look at your Ecommerce experience

Purchase our one-off Ecommerce Conversion Audit to receive a full review and bespoke recommendations plan to help you make an informed, prioritised plan of action.

Our Ecommerce Conversion Audit is designed to identify areas of improvement when it comes to your conversions, sign-up rates, average order value and more.

For £2,500 you'll receive a full report that will help you prioritise what's next. Once you receive the audit you can implement the updates internally or there’s an opportunity to discuss how we can support you with these important next steps.

Don’t just take it from us

“Not only did we receive valuable web design advice we also received great conversion insight and knowledge that we now apply to our business. In fact, in the first week of launching we did £50k's worth of sales of which we'd like to think a considerable amount is down to the new site. ” - Charlie Krarup, Director, Adventure Base

Here are 6 reasons why you too can benefit from a Ecommerce Conversion Audit...

No hidden costs

Buy today for a one-off price and receive your audit within 10 working days (after our initial onboarding call) so you can start making updates straight away.

Increase your AOV

Great conversions are a must, buts lets not overlook the need to increase that average order value too! (AOV)

Improve Conversions

Converting users into paying customers, it’s about answering their concerns in a visual manner, to remove any barriers and get them buying quickly.

Enhance your Onboarding

It’s a pivotal point - showing users what makes you different and why they should buy from you.

Increase life time value

A great site has users coming back over and over again, thats our aim for all the sites we work on.

Move into new markets

Wanting to up your costs and attract a different type of client, let us know in our opening call so we can take this into account.

What’s included

Sounds useful right? When you purchase one of our UX audits you’ll receive a full report to help you prioritise what’s most important. It includes the following:

  • Onboarding Call: to review your concerns, observations, objectives and future plans for your store

  • Designer Input: we include the experience of at least two of our designers to ensure an objective POV

  • Current store Review: from the initial walk through, all the way through to purchase and then after care

  • Desktop and Mobile Review: this is key, one problem on mobile may have been overlooked on desktop and vice-versa

  • Issue Identification: what is going wrong where? Even small design nuances can make a difference

  • Improvements: what do we suggest to enhance your product

  • Recommendations and Research: what to fix and how to do it. Each recommendation is backed up with research

  • Written Report & Video Explainer: all of these insights and recommendations will be presented to you in an easy-to-follow report. A video explainer will go into detail about our process and highlight the most important factors we’ve identified

Ready to buy your UX Audit?

For just £2,500 you can hit ‘buy now’ and following your initial onboarding call, you’ll receive your UX audit within 10 working days. Once your order is confirmed our Managing Director Ross will be in touch with you to arrange exactly what you’d like us to audit. A speedy turnaround helps you get the recommendations you need, so you can increase revenue fast.

Buy the Audit

Why Strafe Creative?

Over the last 12 years, Strafe Creative co-founders Ross and Patrick have taken the science of engineering and applied it to Ecommerce. The goal? “Make it beautiful but make it high converting too”.

There are so many agencies out there, big and small - but our independent agency specialises in helping you give your customers the best possible user experience. All our design work is backed up with meticulous research into your customers, competitors and the full user experience.

We’ve worked closely with high-profile marketplaces to help aid their store development. Our Ecommerce Conversion Audit have enabled clients to improve conversion rates, signup rates and their average order values as well.

Outside of business clients, we supported the local community with an application that helped match over 500,000 meals to those in need during the pandemic. A not-for-profit that is still going strong.

So, what’s next?

Buy now and following our initial onboarding call you'll receive your Ecommerce Conversion Audit within just 10 working days. Then you can start implementing changes and updates straight away.

Join hundreds of other clients who have improved their Ecommerce stores with Strafe Creative. The cost of our Ecommerce Conversion Audit, £2,500, is usually covered within just 1 month and we’ve regularly improved profits for companies like yours.

What have you got to lose?

After your purchase is complete you’ll receive an email confirmation and Ross, our Managing Director will be in touch with you to arrange your onboarding call. From there we’ll discuss the next steps and get your digital experiences audited ASAP!

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