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Intelligent Play - UX Design for a SaaS Product

A refined user experience, showcasing key pitch maintenance data to help make informed decisions.

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Intelligent Play offers an incredible product; heaps of useful data, technology that supports the maintenance of sports fields and a vision to make sports fields play better, play longer, play safer. We worked closely with the team to improve the user experience on their software to ensure their clients could access all the data easily across desktop and mobile.

A smarter user experience for the world’s first smart sports field management system

Intelligent Play installs sensors on pitches and training fields to understand the wear and tear on the field and thus ensure better management and maintenance.

The dashboard provides a heat map, photos and an overall view of each pitch. The team came to Strafe Creative for a UX overhaul and redesign to ensure each client, whether they manage one or 50 pitches, could get the most out of the software on both desktop and mobile.

Intelligent Play: a pitch shower player
Intelligent Play: a pitch with player tracking
Intelligent Play: live equipment tracking
“The excellent team at Strafe have worked with Intelligent Play to deliver two really important projects. From carrying out a UX audit to clearly understanding and making recommendations. The service and level of work has been of the highest calibre at every stage”

Amii Attard

Global Marketing Director at Intelligent Play

Pitch with Intelligent Play logo in the centre
A close up of the dashboard showing usage hours and other stats
A close up of the dashboard showing overdue maintenance days and other stats

Intelligent Play offered an exciting opportunity to develop full user flows, wireframes, prototypes and designs for a highly detailed and interactive SaaS product.

A screenshot of the Intelligent Play Dashboard showing key stats and a map of the pitch

Bringing key data points to life

For this project, we worked with existing data points and redesigned the way they were presented and displayed. Within a dashboard, heatmaps show the state of the fields so that maintenance teams can plan to address any issues and look after the pitch. To ensure the dashboard was really user friendly, we added tabs to switch between different pitches, calendars to plan maintenance, the weather forecast and the ability to view the heat-maps with a slider - a handy before and after maintenance, view to check improvements.

An example of the heatmaps rendering via mobile

Intuitive features across the platform

A pitch map
Clear, clickable maps

Clickable maps help team view any issues on a pitch. Each pitch on a site is numbered and colour coded depending on the level of support required.

Pitch with Intelligent Play logo in the centre
Custom reports

We added a simple click and pick page to enable users to easily create reports. Choose which pitch or site and any information that is required to product a tailored document that is ready for use!

An example of the heatmaps rendering via mobile
Getting your data on the go

The dashboards were designed in both desktop and mobile versions to ensure teams could access data wherever they were. With many small detailed charts and insights it was key that the mobile version was clear and readable.