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Buying a matress online – A masterclass in ecommerce

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Where online retail is overtaking in-store shopping, selling mattresses online is a big challenge. Traditionally, mattress shopping is an experience which involves visiting multiple stores, testing different mattresses, and lying on them to find the ‘perfect fit’. However, companies like Casper and Emma show that with the correct strategies, the experience of mattress shopping can be successfully done online. This blog outlines our analysis of the two websites.

How Casper and Emma go Beyond Selling in Online Mattress Shopping


Selling a mattress online is more than transferring a product from a physical store to a digital one, it is about creating a simple, easy shopping experience to bridge the ‘sensory’ gap and make it even better. At Strafe, we think both Casper and Emma have created their websites not just as platforms to sell but almost as virtual showrooms that guide, educate, and encourage customers to purchase.


Casper, Leading the Way in Online Mattress Sales


Casper’s strategy is very innovative and their website shows a good example of how well-thought-out design and content can mimic the in-store experience. At Strafe, we think their strategy shows a deep understanding of their consumers and the challenges of online mattress shopping.

Casper clearly displays customer reviews on their website, enhancing credibility and creating trust. Knowing others have had positive buying experiences, removes any hesitation customers might feel about purchasing a mattress they haven’t seen in person. Building trust through transparency is key to selling successfully online.

Their website uses detailed images and informative content throughout. They highlight each mattress feature in detail, emphasising the benefits like breathability and firmness, using quality images to go alongside the information. This approach  helps customers understand what they are buying and addresses any concerns.

Lastly, addressing logistical concerns. One of the biggest barriers to purchasing a mattress online is the concern over delivery and setup. Casper tackles this head-on with videos and imagery showing how the mattress is delivered, unboxed, and set up, reassuring customers that the process is easy and stress-free.


caspers product page which build credibility through detail and imagery

Emma, Setting a New Standard in E-Commerce


While Casper does a great job of strategic use of customer reviews and educational content, Emma takes a slightly different approach to engage and convince their audience. Their website shows the importance of how detailed product descriptions, combined with strategic visual content, can significantly improve the online shopping experience.

Highlighting awards and credentials right at the outset, Emma shows their product awards clearly, immediately establishing a sense of quality and reliability. This not only builds trust but also sets a high expectation for the product.

Customisation options and understanding the desire for personalisation is an important aspect to consider and Emma provides options like standard or cooling covers, directly addressing individual customer needs. This level of customisation which is usually experienced in-store, is cleverly integrated into the online shopping journey which we really like.

Social proof and urgency is something Emma cleverly incorporates with viewer statistics on their products, creating a sense of urgency and popularity which encourages quicker decision-making and builds credibility.


emma product page with strong visuals to engage customers

In-Depth vs. Comprehensive Comparison


When comparing the two websites, it’s clear for us to see that while Casper focuses on creating a streamlined, review-focused experience, Emma opts for a more detailed approach, providing thorough information about each product and its features. For us at Strafe, this difference highlights a key aspect of online retail and the balance between overwhelming customers with information and not wanting to leave them guessing.


faqs to mitigate user concerns

Educational Content as a Sales Driver


At Strafe, we feel both websites do a great job in making their product pages extremely educational, which for us is really important. By explaining the specifics of memory foam’s breathability or the importance of mattress layers, they address common concerns and questions that might lead to hesitation. This strategy educates the user and also subtly guides customers towards making a purchase, by highlighting features they might not have considered important before.


faqs to mitigate user concerns

Mitigating Logistical Concerns with Transparency


Another strategy we noticed both websites use is the transparency around potential logistical concerns, which is probably the most asked question when buying a mattress online. They both emphasise ease of delivery, unboxing, and setup, reassuring customers that the convenience of in-store shopping can be matched online. We really like this focus on after-purchase satisfaction, it is forward-thinking customer service that has become crucial for successful online retail.


addressing logistical concerns

Concluding Thoughts on the Future of Online Mattress Shopping


After our analysis and looking closer into Casper’s and Emma’s online strategies, it shows that the future of mattress shopping (like most retail) is moving online. We think both have done a great job in tackling the challenge of selling a traditionally ‘tactile’ product and also changing how we interact with them. Through a combination of trust-building, educational content, and an understanding of potential customer concerns, they offer a blueprint for success.

Their strategy turns potential scepticism into customer satisfaction with thoughtful design, detailed information and a commitment to customer experience. At Strafe, we feel Casper and Emma show innovation in the industry, proving effective online retail strategies do work.

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