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OPM – Conversion focused website - Brand refresh and website redesign

Levelling up a brand and web experience to help job seekers find their next role in gaming

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OPM - OPM Logo and Playstation Controller
  • Branding
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • WordPress Development
  • WordPress
  • Custom Bullhorn API Integration
  • Brand Identity
  • Design System
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The Story

OPM wanted to inject new energy into their brand and offer a streamlined website experience to help high-quality candidates find their next role, fast. We worked with the team to redesign both the brand and the entire web experience.

OPM Logo, with text: Calling all game changers

More than just a team of recruiters...

Recruitment companies often have a bad rep for chasing down bonuses and hassling candidates. Not OPM. With a focus on the gaming industry, the company not only helps candidates find the perfect role but also offers support, education and career advice along the way. 

After years of (successfully) relying on word-of-mouth recommendations and networking, OPM was keen to turn its attention to digital marketing and its online presence. 

OPM - Neon Green Background with Black Logo
OPM - Black background with neon green logo

Together we identified a purpose for the new site: convert more visitors to candidates – have them apply for jobs listed on the website.

In addition, OPM needed to attract more companies to list their open opportunities. To build credibility in the industry, a rebrand was essential to bring to life OPM’s playful brand identity and improve its credibility online.

Seriously scary? Giving recruitment a new look.

As a recruitment company, OPM doesn’t take itself too seriously. They are self-aware that recruiters are often seen as the ‘monsters’ when it comes to chasing down candidates and meeting bonus targets. The team are fun and committed to providing a high-quality service that truly sets them apart from their ‘scary’ competitors. 

To capture this point of view in the rebrand we brought together three elements in the new logo:

1. Target: demonstrating their commitment to success and hitting targets

2. ‘O’ Letter: representing OPM 

3. Monster Ears: a playful, yet self-aware disguise nodding to that industry perception

Colours were chosen with gaming and development in mind, the bright green and black contrast is akin to computer programming. We even gave ‘OPM’ a meaning, which it didn’t have before, ‘One Player Mission’ – a great link to the gaming industry they serve. 

Small, simple brand elements that could be layered over photography and used in multiple formats or across many different assets were provided to help the team keep assets consistent across the site.

Overall the new look is dynamic and playful and there is depth to the brand identity and design system – it’s more than just a simple logo.

OPM - Press play to a career like no other
OPM - One player mission
OPM - The brand mocked up on social media
OPM - Elements of the brand

If anyone reading this is considering Strafe Creative for an upcoming project, you will not be disappointed. Everyone we spoke to was talented, efficient and fun to work with. The re-brand and new website they have created for is above and beyond what we thought possible for our company. An excellent service and a fantastic team!

Nathan Adcock

OPM - Director

An intuitive new website

Once the branding was complete we could bring it to life online. Outside of simply making it easier for candidates to apply for roles, it was key that we demonstrated how OPM is different from other recruitment companies. 

As part of this salesmanship, we included tips, guidance and FAQs that address possible objections and advised candidates on their full career rather than just the immediate job in hand. 

Graduates are a critical demographic for OPM. This career focussed approach will help to build a long-term relationship with young talent and support them in finding their first role and beyond into their future careers.

  • Clear search bar
  • Notable client logos
  • Great reviews
  • Success stats
  • Active roles
Full-scrolling view of the homepage
UX wireframe designs showing the site's structure

A complex API Integration 

No design and build project is complete without a challenge. 

For this site, we had to use the recruitment software Bullhorn – a popular application which allows users to manage the recruitment process end to end. Although Bullhorn offers an easy-to-use plugin, its style just didn’t fit with the new look we had designed for OPM. 

To give the new OPM website the user experience we desired we used the Bullhorn API instead. This was a custom development project putting the users at the centre of the experience. On top of delivering a great user experience, we were able to customise its look and feel to support the user journey. 

After building these custom systems and ensuring the API looked like ‘OPM’ we were able to deliver the following benefits for OPM and the candidates: 

Reduced Admin – the OPM team only needed to upload roles once into the Bullhorn system, making the hiring process much less admin-heavy 

Easy Navigation – candidates can browse jobs and see all the details without opening multiple tabs, helping the job hunt become much quicker

Apply Now – once they find a job, candidates can submit their application directly via the OPM site without any redirects or additional steps 

Overall, OPM’s brand refresh and website redesign has brought to life its playful brand identity whilst improving credibility and user experience throughout the recruitment journey.