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Designer reacts – New SAAS companies on Product Hunt

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Designer Kara Vicca in her workspace

Exploring the internet introduces us to a vast number of websites, all competing for our attention. What makes us to stay, interact, or convert? Is it just down to the aesthetic, or is there other elements at play? To answer these questions, we did a ‘designer reacts’ video using Product Hunt, a hub for the newest digital innovations and chose three websites at random for analysis from a UX/UI design perspective. This blog outlines what we found and you can watch the full video via the link at the end of this blog.

product hunt homepage



Hoory, AI in Customer Support


First up was ‘Hoory’, an AI-driven customer support software. The site starts with great promise but quickly becomes slightly confusing with unclear offerings and a pricing model that could leave users guessing rather than guiding them.

Our first impressions were that we noticed the visual challenges early on in our analysis, the dark purple background makes reading difficult, disrupting the balance between text and backdrop. Moving onto the pricing introduction, it felt abrupt, with the model’s utility and appeal remaining unclear.

As we look closer, the lack of contrast between the vibrant AI features and the ‘Get Started’ button illustrates a missed opportunity in emphasising user action. Inconsistency in the FAQ accordion design slightly disrupts the user journey, which could be considered as a design oversight. Consistent design is important to make the user journey seamless.


Hoory website review from a designer perspective



Simplifying Online Security with Clear VPN


Next up was ‘Clear VPN’, a guide for secure online journeys. Although its offer is clear, the presentation switches between engaging but confusing at times.

When looking at design dilemmas, the hero section is clear in purpose but fails to fully utilise visual storytelling, leaving a lot to the imagination. Despite a strong attempt at creating more contrast with a vibrant green CTA, the site’s visual elements struggle to guide the user effectively through its offerings.

Content challenges and the emphasis on an ‘eye-pleasing interface’ as a selling point could be better placed, to avoid overshadowing more important VPN functionalities. The ‘free download’ CTA is very clear from a hierarchy point of view, and becomes sticky which is great if their priority is to guide the user to this. The premium offerings were visible but small and easy to digest which we thought was great.


clear vpn homepage



Exploring Martin, The AI Butler Inspired by J.A.R.V.I.S


Our final website review was ‘Martin’, an AI butler inspired by J.A.R.V.I.S. Here we see lots of ambition which is great, however it clashes at times with execution when presented with opportunities and obstacles.

Martin’s promise of a personalised AI assistant is really engaging however, we felt the visual execution could be improved from a consistency point of view. The video explainer is really informative, by making it a little more professional it will avoid distraction from the overall credibility, which is something they do really well.

Looking closer into usability, the comparative analysis against known chat systems is really useful, finessing the layout to make it more strategic will avoid repetition of features and benefits. The pricing plan could be clearer and mentioned on the homepage, to avoid leaving the user uncertain. Knowing the cost before fully discovering what Martin does is important, so they can decide if it is what they are looking for and wanting pay.


Martin AI tool homepage



Final Thoughts


Our designer’s reaction using Product Hunt shows the extensive challenges and wins in web design. From the essential need for clear messaging in Hoory, the missed opportunities for visual storytelling in Clear VPN, to the massive potential in Martin, each site teaches us about the intricate balance required in UX/UI design. As designers and developers, we continuously seek to improve, believing that every critique offers an opportunity for growth and innovation.


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