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NFTs, the crypto asset making headlines

One-of-a-kind artwork, tradeable digital cards and digital goods and assets in the metaverse are growing in popularity and thus, value. However, it’s generative art that is really making waves, and you too can get in on the action. That’s where we come in. As specialists in digital design, we’ve perfected our approach to producing NFT collectables that are ready to mint.

Generative art means thousands of variations

Whilst all our unique design work is initially built in Adobe Illustrator, producing the thousands of artwork variations required for a successful NFT collectables project needs the right technology. We’ve built our own software programme enabling us to easily produce over 10,000 versions of our avatars. Each file contains the metadata required to determine the rarity of each feature and is hosted online so you can easily take the next steps to mint your NFTs.

Your next avatar

Whilst we’ve seen big brands design their own NFTs, not all are destined for success. Thanks to our deep research and client collaborations we’ve identified the following as features worth noting in your journey to selling NFTs:


Creating and selling NFTs is a great way to monetise your digital community. Whilst your supporters get excited to start buying your NFT collectables, opportunists will be on the sidelines ready to invest in the next valuable trend.


To support investors at a range of price points, designing at least 10,000 pieces of digital art is key. With many variations across the designs, you can ensure varying levels of rarity and thus price, making your NFT collectables accessible to a wider audience.

Rarity = Value

When working with our latest client HODL we designed around 60 different variations of the HODL hand. Using this variety of rarities, the HODL hand is a 10k project and also includes a few limited edition artworks that have completely unique features you won’t find on any other designs. The rarer the design and features, the more value on the marketplace.

A design agency that understands your needs

As a forward-thinking agency, we’ve researched and invested the time to understand generative art and NFT collectables. We will learn about your business objectives and goals and incorporate that into our digital, generative art designs, helping them become iconic for you and valuable in the market.

Looking to design your first NFT? We’d love to hear about it.

Our aim is to design digital artwork that represents your brand and creates a stir in the market. Our designers are experienced and passionate about designing for forward-thinking companies like yours. We take the time to understand the best approach for your business.

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Don’t forget your marketing

It’s not just about designing cool NFT avatars and collectables. Once we’ve created the artwork, it’s now time to promote it. Our team offer full design services, including any marketing materials required to get your NFT assets off the ground and trading. From Art Packs and Rarity Guides to social content and website updates - we offer the full package.

Award-winning work benefitting some of the world’s most influential brands.

Your experienced digital design agency

We’ve worked hard to become experts in our field. As specialists in design, we’ve integrated all that we know into designing branding and digital products that stand out. Our processes, workflows and automated tools ensure a smooth and streamlined process every step of the way.

We work closely with our clients to create the initial avatar that they love and think will resonate with their community. The research and planning stages of an NFT design project are key to success.

We design and build credible and trustworthy digital brands that convert, time and time again.

Our independent Nottingham brand design agency is made up of creative thinkers and digital tinkers who are passionate about digital experiences. We approach every design project with the same curiosity and conversion-driven methodology.

This approach ensures that every project is considered, planned and designed in a way that suits our clients and is impactful on the users. We specialise in working with platforms that are secure, but flexible enough that we can offer a unique design and solution for every NFT art and design project.

We work alongside our clients in a close partnership, ensuring our team really gets under the skin of your brand. Our mutual goal is to produce great results and this streamlined approach is where the difference is made.