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Our UX UI consultancy service is a unique offering built from over 12 years of experience. The team at Strafe Creative has worked tirelessly with clients of all sizes and across a range of industries to perfect the best ways to convert customers and enhance the user experience. We specialise in a user-focused approach and use tried and tested research to back up UX design decisions in all our projects. We are now offering UX advice as a consultancy service, to enable you to access our insights, without the commitment of a full design and build project.

Robust research and flexible support

When it comes to great user experiences, the answer to a design is never ‘because it looks great’. At Strafe our UX advice is backed up by theory and research. We take pride in having a thorough understanding of why certain design elements are incorporated and later down the line, successful. By working with us, you’ll have access to this encyclopaedia of experience for your own project, it’ll be all the UX advice you need.

To ensure our working relationship is a success, we offer a variety of workflows and communication channels. Choose your workflow, either the waterfall or agile methodology and choose your favourite communication channel, Teams, Slack, Google Hangouts - we’re flexible.

Focused, friendly and driven

We see ourselves as part of your team, we work closely with you throughout the whole digital product project, from initial product strategy and research, all the way through to design and build. If your product is already with your developer team and just need us to get involved from a design perspective? No problem!

We can work closely with your developers to ensure that we utilise designs that can be seemly implemented using the selected developer stack in order to make their lives as easy as possible.

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Why hire a digital product agency?

Agencies like Strafe Creative are used to handle the focus and speed needed to create an amazing digital product. Working from an outsider point of view we have the ability to be more open minded in discovering potential user objections as we might have to ensure we can answer those with a well thought-out design. Our team works hard to ensure high quality and our well-established process maps are created so no detail is missed.

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UX UI Consultancy: a fresh look at your digital experiences

Whether it’s supplying ongoing reviews and advice or working together on a new project, we’ve got an option that suits. If you’re considering getting some UX advice, here are three ways we can support your in-house team with UX UI consultancy, UX UI design and build:

UX Advice: Digital Audit

During a digital product audit, be that an application or website, we review the full user journey and identify everything that could be improved. User experience is so much more than just ‘great design’, it’s backed by research and a thorough understanding of the reasons why specific design features are included. We will identify these areas and share with you a full set of recommendations to improve your UX.

UX Advice: Review & Recommend

You may already have a design and development team in-house, great news! However, the phrase ‘cannot see the wood for the trees’ can ring true when teams work together for a long period of time. We bring a fresh pair of eyes to your ongoing design and/or development work. By consulting with us, we will help you identify nuances in your UX that perhaps you’ve never spotted before. The goal? Collaborate to give your customers the best possible UX.

UX Consultancy: Starting from scratch

Looking to build a new area, platform or feature within your current digital product? Look no further. Our range of experience has led us to develop a thorough and thought-through process to bring new digital products to life. We’ll work closely with your in-house team to aid, recommend and build the next stage of your digital experience - together.