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X Rocker – E commerce - Ecommerce Web Project

Creating 2 high converting Shopify websites for a global gaming giant.

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X Rocker is renowned for redefining home entertainment for gamers across the globe. Their mission is to make gaming accessible for the whole family and they knew they needed their websites both the UK and the to be best in class to achieve their business goals.


Trusted by gamers worldwide

X Rocker is a huge name in the gaming industry, they have partnerships with the likes of Nintendo, Playstation, New Orlean Pelicans and more. They have built their business by selling through large retailers mainly but with Covid hitting and buying behaviours changing, X Rocker knew they needed to have high converting and robust global websites to help them continue to grow their business outside of the retail industry.

X Rocker chair with a gaming setup in the background
2 children sitting on X Rocker chairs playing video games on a handheld device
A GIF of a child playing video games
“This has been one of our favourite projects we've ever done here at Strafe. The X Rocker team were really open to our ideas and invested heavily in their imagery and video too, which allowed us to really create something special. The product pages, in particular, I'm so pleased with; and know this will make a huge difference to the X Rocker crew!”

Ross Davies

Managing Director - Strafe

X Rocker mobile app screenshots
X Rocker desktop web view

Creating a high converting Shopify website for a gaming giant.

Sculpting a beautiful and high converting website

X Rocker wanted to create two websites that would showcase all the great elements of their products, in a clean and visual manner. As some of their products have so many features, a vital part of the brief was to showcase what makes their gaming furniture so special. X Rocker knew the benefits of Shopify already and were keen on us really pushing the conversions rates up compared to their old websites.

  • High converting product pages
  • Interactive videos and galleries
  • Interactive stockist finder
X Rocker full desktop web screenshot

Showcasing the global partnerships

With the ever-growing e-sports movement, it was key on the new site to really showcase the partnerships with some of the world's top Esports teams. The US site has a dedicated area of the website to these key partnerships.

X Rocker desktop web view

Building a global branding using Shopify Plus.

X Rocker web content view
Designed for swipes

Ensuring the large amount of content on the site can be easily digested is key, so swipe-able elements were deployed throughout the site.

X Rocker checkout screenshot
High converting mobile product pages

Sticking to our goal of creating a high converting mobile experience, a series of custom UI components were designed and built to ensure everything on mobile was easy to digest and interact with.

X Rocker mobile app view on 2 phones
Stunning imagery and video

From the project’s inception, the website was designed to really showcase the product in a visual manner. Interactions and animations also had to be mobile friendly and fast loading too.

X Rocker desktop web view
Huge categorisation of products

Although the user likely won't ever see it, the categorisation of the products in the back end of the site is huge. This level of detail makes the lives of the X Rocker team simpler and allows new ranges to be added with ease.

An X Rocker bed
Animations to showcase the lighting rigs

The X Rocker really embraced Strafe's ideas - a blessing. One of the elements that really showcases the products are the animations used throughout the site. For example, in the image of the bed above, the animation really showcases the lighting feature of this product.