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UX consultancy and design for a premium trading platform

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The Story

FP Markets is a one-stop destination to trade CFDs (contract for differences) across Forex, Shares, Indices, Commodities & Cryptocurrencies. Despite a rebrand, FP Markets was experiencing a slow uptake of the platform during onboarding. They sought Strafe’s expert UX consultancy and design services to identify improvements and redesign a seamless user experience.

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The smallest nuances in UX design can have a huge impact on the user experience.

Identifying key UX improvements

During the audit phase, we documented the entire user journey, from sign-up to trading. Mapping out this user flow enabled us to identify design elements and functionality that could be improved. Small considerations such as site speed and colour palette can change the user experience entirely.

Other recommendations included ‘Tool Tips’, small information icons, typically on registration forms, that help a user understand what each input field is about, and ‘Progressive Disclosure’. New features and information is gradually revealed the further the user gets in the journey - perfect for complex platforms like FP Markets.

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User flows

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A UX Redesign

After receiving the UX audit, FP Markets were quick to book our design team to make the recommended updates to their customer portal. As a high-end brokerage, it was important for FP Markets to maintain a premium look and feel to the user experience and use of the brand on the site. 

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"We started with Strafe purely for UX audits of our existing builds, but it became apparent very quickly of their high standards and attention to detail. Management quickly decided to bring Strafe on board to design all future projects for us. We’ve been very happy with the quality of their work."

Narayan Joshi

Senior Project Manager, FP Markets

The user flow analysis we had worked on for the audit, formed the basis of our wireframes. Any issues we had identified were then addressed in the redesign to help improve both the onboarding process and the general usability of the customer portal for desktop and mobile. Small changes in the user experience design, such as hover states, drop-down menus and toggles can have a huge impact on how intuitive the platform is to use.

Once we’d agreed on the wireframes we built out the portal designs. FP Markets have their own development team so once the designs were approved, we packaged everything up ready for a smooth handover to the developers.

The handover included all designs for each part of the wireframe and a Design System Manual (DSM). We designed each element and component with its padding and usage parameters first before integrating and linking it all together within the page designs. 

This detailed handover means that the FP Markets developers can build in a straightforward, modular way, starting with each component and then pulling them together for the final portal designs. This comprehensive design system makes life for the developers and any future designers very easy. 

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