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UX consultancy for a leading stockmarket platform to improve their onboarding experience

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A flat lay out shows First Prudential Markets UX/UI audit report

FP Markets is a one-stop destination to trade CFDs across Forex, Shares, Indices, Commodities & Cryptocurrencies. They offer advanced trading platforms and technology, plus 24/7 support in multiple languages giving users a superior service, no matter where they are in the world. After a recent update to their branding, the FP Markets team were still experiencing a slow uptake of their platform during onboarding. They sought Strafe’s expert UX consultancy services to identify what could be improved during this key user experience.

Seeking that 'ah ha' moment

We reviewed the full onboarding process, from sign-up through to trading to identify which elements of this user journey could be improved. For a complex product or platform such as FP Markets, users need clear instructions during the onboarding process. It’s key that new users experience that all-important ‘ah ha’ moment to help them quickly go from potential to regular customers. During our audit and report, we made a number of recommendations that would help ensure FP Markets’ customers made this pivot.

a flat lay out shows First Prudential Markets login page
Visual Hierarchy

Using a brand’s key colour palette effectively in the visual hierarchy helps users know what to expect from CTA buttons, highlights and navigation. We recommend one colour for the primary CTA buttons, so a user knows exactly where to click for the next step. Use an entirely different colour to alert users to important alerts, whilst this may look overbearing at first glance, it has to take visual precedence on the page. For example, on the FP Markets site, a red banner would really stand out against the blue branding.

Progressive Disclosure

During a complex onboarding process, such as that with a financial company, we recommend using progressive disclosure. This means that as a user progresses through the onboarding or user process, new features and information is gradually revealed. It keeps the interface simple for new users and progressively gives power to advanced users - perfect for FP Markets.

Tool Tips

These appear on a registration form as small information icons to help a user understand what that field is about. For example in the FP Markets case, ‘tool tips’ can help a user understand the different account types with a short explanation. This is ideal at the beginning of the onboarding process to ensure they make it past stage one.

The smallest nuances in UX design can have a huge impact on the user experience.

A flat layout shows First Prudential Markets UX/UI audit report

What's next?

After a successful audit and consultancy period, the FP Markets team implemented the changes we recommended to help improve user experience and the onboarding process. Next steps? Working closely with the team to design a fantastic mobile experience.

a flat lay out shows first Prudential Markets trading application form