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Empire Flippers – UX Audit - A secure platform to buy and sell online businesses

Supporting a leading online marketplace with tailored UX consultancy and advice

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a flat lay out shows Empire Flippers UX audit report

Empire Flippers is a curated, online marketplace allowing users to buy and sell online businesses. Compared to its competitors, Empire Flippers vet all users through a rigorous process to ensure sellers have legitimate businesses to sell, and buyers have the funds to purchase. The team came to us for UX consultancy services - they were looking to tighten the overall user experience for both sellers and buyers.

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An in-depth review of the Empire Flippers platform

a flat lay out shows Empire Flippers UX audit report

To kick start our consultancy we performed an audit of the full platform. Insights from eye-tracking technology, deep analytics and research from the Baymard Institute were drawn upon to review competitors and user personas and then to make UX recommendations.

Empire Flippers - Digital Audit

We worked through the full user journey for both buyers and sellers to identify any pain points a user may come across, anything that felt confusing and areas that worked really well. Learnings can be taken from both our recommendations and applying elements that already work well in other areas of the site.

A flat lay out showing Empire Flippers UX audit and desktop home page

Finally, we shared our primary recommendations with Empire Flippers. Each of these aimed to improve the experience a user had, whether that was to find businesses to buy or easily upload and verify their details. We backed up each recommendation with fundamental UX research, detailing why it was so important and the impact it could have.

The smallest nuances in UX design can have a huge impact on the user experience.

A flat lay out shows Empire Flippers UX audit report
Continuous improvement is at the heart of all Empire Flippers' operations

The Kaizen methodology is at the core of Empire Flippers’ operations, and whilst they boast a talented team of designers and developers internally, they were looking for 3rd a party partner to complement the team. Following the UX audit, we started working with the Empire Flippers team on a regular basis, offering research-backed UX advice and consultancy. It’s this objective point of view that is helping Empire Flippers continuously improve.

Here at Empire Flippers, we want to always make sure we’re always putting our users first. So we got Strafe Creative to perform a UX audit for us. The level of detail they went into meant that we made some pretty significant changes that helped us make things so much easier for our users. We’ve been really pleased with their work.

James Andrews

James Andrews

VP Engineering