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Tech we love #1: JivoChat

From the Strafe Studio
JivoChat running on MacOS, Android and IOS

Welcome to a new series, where we talk about some of the tools and technology we love here at Strafe Creative.

We’ll give you an insight into plugins, SaaS and sites that we regularly use for our own work and on our clients’ platforms and builds.

First up, JivoChat is a platform we always recommend to clients.

Let’s explore why we love it so much…

What is JivoChat?

JivoChat is a live chat for online businesses to talk to customers through a variety of platforms. Integrate all channels into a 360° customer support system, enabling your team to manage all queries and questions from one central location.

JivoChat offers many different integrations:


✅ Chatbots 

✅ Whatsapp

✅ Apple Business Chat

✅ Instagram

✅ Facebook

✅ Telegram

✅ Viber

✅ Telephony Plus 

✅ and many more…


What are the features and benefits?

➕ All channels can be managed from one location helping customer support teams easily manage all queries efficiently

➕ Integrate multiple communication channels to quickly reach customers via their preferred channel

➕ Use messages and social media channels for support to ensure conversations don’t get lost via a webchat pop-up

➕ The use of the chatbot reduces the load on customer support teams by more than 20% and helps sales teams see who is most interested

➕ An API for developers enabling customisation options and easy integration

➕ Protect your business – one login for JivoChats removes the need for password sharing and all personal data is saved in Jivo rather than on employee phones

➕ Access data to help improve response times, review frequent inquiries and the sales funnel


Why we love Jivo Chat

Whilst the features and benefits speak for themselves, there are a couple more reasons why we love working with JivoChat.

  1. Best Practice – No matter which channels our clients use, we’re able to integrate JivoChat. Since we’ve worked with it so often now, we know exactly how to best use the platform and can advise clients on useful integrations and best practices.
  2. Fast to load – Often chatbots really slow a website load time, however, JivoChat is fast and slick.
  3. Flexibility – With the number of integration options, clients can communicate through whichever channel their users prefer helping provide a timely response time through the most logical platform.


Try it for yourself

If you’re looking for a LiveChat for your website then we strongly recommend you give Jivo a try. Check out the basic features for free, or trial professional licenses for 14 days before committing.

Click here* to get started.


*We have affiliate links for products and services we love. By clicking on any of our affiliate links and purchasing, we receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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