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Battle Systems – E commerce - High converting ecommerce web project

Creating the ultimate shopping experience for one of the UK's largest tabletop gaming companies

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battle systems homepage screen of top fold

Battle Systems came to us in need of a new online presence. Their original site could only take them so far and after some exceptional growth they knew to get expand further they need to invest in an all-new high converting e-commerce website. Strafe Creative was tasked with increasing the conversion rate and the average order value. To top this off Battle Systems knew they had the best product in the market, and wanted their website to reflect this.

A new brand and website

To reflect the top tier product, Battle Systems knew they needed to update their brand and website. With some of our team being tabletop gamers themselves, this was an exciting e-commerce project which we knew we'd be able to deliver on.

Battle Systems logo on a starry night sky background
Mobile app view
This was one of my favourite projects of the year, the client really allowed us to flex our creativity and the artwork we had available to us really made this fun to design for. Of course the site had to deliver on their requested KPIs too, which we're proud to say we achieved.

Ross Davies

Managing Director

Battle Systems desktop web screenshots

An all new brand and website to reflect a growing companies vision

We’d set ourselves a challenge with this e-commerce project to deliver something visually stunning, whilst ensuring we focussed on our usual high converting approach. Heavy attention was paid to ensure we focused on the key specs and reasons why their clients love their products, so it was easier to separate themselves from their competitors.

  • Detailed and persuasive product pages
  • Multi currency for international orders
  • Interactive Stockist finder
Battle Systems full desktop home page screenshot

Some of the key details

Battle Systems stock locations
Searchable stockist system

The creation of an international Google Maps powered stockist system, allowing users to enter their address to easily find their closest stockist.

Battle Systems mobile app view
Mobile 1st Design

With over 70% of traffic coming from mobile, ensuring a slick mobile buying experience was paramount and meant this was a huge focus as part of this project.

Battle System miniature
Visual/Photography lead design

With such stunning terrain products, we wanted to ensure the site could really showcase the quality of their products.