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Improved SaaS sign-ups through a bold + conversion focused mini site

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a flat lay out shows Dropdeck content headers
Dropdeck's desktop view

Drop Deck is a SaaS solution that helps busy professionals create beautiful presentations. Through a simple, automated online design tool, users can type their content directly into the site and watch it become a presentation, live - making users' lives easier and their presentations slicker.

Repositioning Drop Deck

After developing the first few versions of Drop Deck, the team realised their target audience had changed. Whilst originally Drop Deck were competing with the likes of pitch.com and Canva, they quickly realised there was a gap in the market for professionals who are time-poor and lacking in design skills. It’s these users who need a stand-out solution that will save them time and deliver a beautiful output.

Drop Deck hired Strafe Creative to redesign the branding to reposition and target this new audience with bold, exciting and relevant creative.

Dropdeck logo on a pink background
Mobile app view of Dropdeck CTA

Drop Deck - magically turns text into beautiful slides, as you type.

Improving sign-ups through conversion-led web design

Whilst current Drop Deck users were loving this SaaS solution, the homepage wasn’t converting as many new users as the team wanted. They knew the product was great, but that needed to be fully represented on the homepage, to improve its salesmanship, and thus sign-up conversions.

The Strafe team worked to redesign the homepage by incorporating key conversion-led features to showcase the value of Drop Deck. The new, bold branding combined with animations and video brought to life the features of Drop Deck’s solution with a clear CTA referenced throughout.

  • Bold header above the fold
  • Clear CTA throughout
  • Key features showcased
  • Video content explaining the ease of use
  • Examples to show capabilities
Dropdeck full home page screenshot

Working with Strafe on our branding and new website was fantastic. Deliverable was far better than we expected and we'll be working them again.

Stefan Olafsson

Stefan Olafsson