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Onify – UX + UI - UX SaaS Design Project

Giving users that 'ah ha' moment with a detailed onboarding and an intuitive user experience.

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Onify offers an out-of-the-box toolkit for small businesses to enable loyalty and customer growth. They needed designs for their SaaS web and mobile applications that would give both their clients and the end-users an intuitive user experience.

An intuitive digital loyalty app for small businesses

Onify is a digital loyalty system for small businesses. We worked closely with the Onify team to build out two key user experiences; the dashboard where business users can see their offers, customer loyalty data and locations, and the mobile app for customers to find and claim rewards. For both user experiences, the onboarding process was key, we wanted all users to experience that ‘ah ha’ moment when using the apps to help retain and engage them.

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An intuitive business dashboard

Small business owners are always pushed for time - with a business to run and a team to manage, we knew that they needed a digital loyalty platform that was simple and easy to use. Our clear onboarding process helped ensure that the users could clearly see how to get the most out of their dashboard and thus feel excited to get started with their loyalty programme. The dashboard allows businesses to add more than one location and easily create rewards, campaigns and promotional materials.

A rewarding digital experience - in more ways than one

Carefully crafting key elements

Mobile app view
A smooth mobile experience

To access rewards customers use the Onify app. We built an easy sign up process that enables customers to find rewards for their favourite stores and discover new businesses too.

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Rewards for everyone

No matter your business, Onify offers a way to reward loyal or new customers - from food and drink to hairdressers, there’s something for everyone.

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The full design experience

From the landing page and sign up process through to the dashboard and mobile application we designed the full user experience. It was a thoroughly enjoyable SaaS project to work on - we hope to see it live very soon!