Strafe Creative -

Print Design

Our approach to graphic and print design is to design with a purpose. Whether you want to deliver a specific brand message or are seeking to develop more meaningful relationships with your customers, our team will work with you deliver a project to promote your brand through a range of print media.

Brochure Design

Whether a product catalogue, prospectus or promotional material, we have the expertise to deliver an innovative solution. We have designed many brochures across a number of market sectors from large multinationals through to small startup businesses.

Annual Report Design

Annual reports often contain a vast amount of information and data, and it is our job to display your results in the best way. Effective annual report design can lead to a positive effect on both shareholders and staff, making it more important than ever to ensure that your annual report is engaging.

Packaging Design

There are a whole host of different packaging options out there, which is why effective packaging design is crucial to a product's success. Innovative package design allows a product to stand out on a retail shelf, promoting the brand messages effectively to influence buying decisions.


Store fronts and public facing signage are often one of the first contact points which any potenital customer has with your business, and first impressions are everything. Signage design should promote a brand and its values in the clearest possible way. We work closely with a small number of specialist sign manufacturers to ensure that the correct solution is selected for your business.


Intuitive wayfinding design allows visitors to navigate spaces, environments and buildings effortlessly. Wayfinding design is all about simplicity and should largely go unnoticed.