What it's really like to work at Strafe Creative

What is it really like to work at Strafe Creative?

From the Strafe Studio
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Strafe Creative offers a dynamic, creative and flexible working environment. Innovative work is rarely done alone and we believe that continuous collaboration across our team is essential for creating award-winning, world-class work. For that, we look for awesome team members that have a forward-thinking approach, an open mind and are passionate about what they do.

A couple of weeks back we shared our updated Strafe Creative Family Policy, which has been designed to ensure our team has the support they need when it comes to their life outside of work. We want our team to be happy and healthy because ultimately that’s what delivers the best results for everyone; the team themselves and our clients. 

It’s all very well for me to say this, I’m one of the co-founders. Let’s hear from the team themselves, so I don’t have to convince you any further…


“Strafe Creative is like no other place I’ve worked”

Helen, our Head of Operations has been with Strafe Creative for almost five years and noticed a real difference in Strafe’s approach to improvement compared to her previous workplaces: For me, the biggest difference is that in my previous jobs, I’ve always found it difficult to understand why issues aren’t resolved and why processes aren’t improved. Often great ideas were bouncing about but they would never be adopted or come to fruition due to management structures or approval processes that were too restricted. 

At Strafe, anyone can suggest improvements and we’re consistently ensuring steps are taken to put these in place. It’s a fast-paced environment, which everyone can contribute to and this means that we’re constantly improving and refining what we do”.  

Alex, a Project Manager who joined remotely during the pandemic, gives evidence that our approach to work-life balance and looking after the team is truly valued: “The culture and environment is like no other place I have worked; there is a huge focus on employee well-being and work/life balance”.  

Developers like Raphael find that “Strafe Creative is more organised, everything seems to be more planned out in advance”.  Our methodological design process helps each project run smoothly. Clients are given a clear timeline of events to ensure they give feedback on time, and it’s this approach that helps developers like Raph get on and deliver a cracking website, in time and within budget. 


“All communications are collaborative”

Due to the nature of our business structure, all team members work together in some capacity. Helen is at the heart of the operations of each project, “I love the fact that the whole team works together on different projects with different team dynamics. Everyone gets to know each other well and we have great camaraderie across the whole team.” 

“What’s unique about Strafe Creative is that all communications are collaborative, all ideas are heard and progressed if relevant, including any conversations you have with our managing directors”  adds Project Manager Alex, and it’s true. Here at Strafe, we value continuous improvement and that means each team member has the autonomy to come up with new ideas and suggest ways we can refine our work and approach, and we always celebrate the achievements of the team!


“The possibilities seem endless”

We value development and growth, and support each of our team members with an annual budget for training or self-development, “If you want to pursue something like a new course or particular type of work, you are always encouraged and resources are provided where necessary by the company. The possibilities seem endless!” comments one of our Project Managers. 

This approach really pays off as our team not only feels more confident in their skills, but they know they are progressing through education, regular reviews and support – “We have reviews to check in on our goals and aspirations, and any development needs we have. Being able to take on additional courses and training allows me to continue to develop my skills each year and this has enabled me to progress my career at Strafe.”


“Strafe Creative really cares about the team”

We are proud that our commitment to a work-life balance is recognised and appreciated by the team, in fact all team members commented so. Through flexible start times, a range of great benefits and the family support we offer all help to ensure that our team members HAVE a work-life balance. “The flexibility allows me to balance my personal time around work, with the flexible start time and also the fact that I can choose which days I spend in the office, if any. Strafe really cares about the team – it’s shown in so many ways and it’s great to be a part of”. 

If this design-focused, supportive and collaborative working environment makes you think, ‘Wow, that’s a bit of me’? then we’d love to hear from you. 

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