How to get the most out of your Digital Design Agency

How can I get the most out of my Digital Design Agency? [4 helpful pieces of advice]

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Working collaboratively, respecting each other’s expertise and having a shared goal are key factors when working together with a digital design agency.

There are some ways to ensure this happens smoothly and that the relationship between client and agency works well throughout the project. Here’s four helpful pieces of advice from our experience, that will help clients get the most out of their digital design agency!

Define a specific objective – your digital design agency needs to know what you WANT from your website 

We’ve worked with clients for over 12 years and one of the biggest challenges we come across is a lack of clear purpose or objective. At Strafe we work hard to deliver great conversion results, however this can only be achieved with a clearly defined website objective. Take for example “we want people to contact us”

For me, and the team, this is too vague – how do you want to be contacted? Via phone, contact form, email, live chat? 

On the best approach is our “project planner” contact form. The information collected tells us you’ve reviewed our site and taken into consideration what we offer as a digital design agency. Therefore, our website is built with this objective in mind. 

However if you want users to pick up the phone and call you, then the website design will be completely different. Digital design agencies like ourselves want to push users to take action on the site, so knowing exactly what this action is, is imperative in all the design and development decisions.


Trust the agency – if you’re asking an agency to pitch, let them prove their expertise 

If you’re looking for a digital design agency to rebuild or update your website then you might ask for a pitch. The biggest challenge with this comes when a potential client has already written their own pitch for the agency to deliver. This gives no wriggle room for an agency to showcase their expertise or offer their USP – ultimately clients will get a bunch of quotes that look exactly the same. 

Instead, what I’d recommend is to share the goals or issues of the business. Give context about what you do, what makes you stand out from your competitors, reasons why people should buy from you and then, let us do the design work. This gives digital design agencies like us here at Strafe the opportunity to showcase our expertise in our pitch, rather than following a prescriptive set of guidelines. If you are struggling to get people to buy your fluffy slippers, then we can then propose a site that will help solve that issue. 

For more insight into creating a really great RFP, read this blog.

Understand the timeframes involved – a project might take longer than you think

Every agency offers a different approach to a digital design project. Some use templates, plugins and pre-designed sites meaning they can design and deliver in a shorter time frame. At Strafe we design the site from scratch which takes much longer, but as a result means the site is more personalised and typically has a higher conversion rate.

Working towards realistic timescales is important, you’ve got to have enough time to plan, design and deliver the project.  Our advice is to discuss with your digital design agency their processes, what the realistic time frames are for your project and be open minded. Agencies always want to deliver the best result possible and this will be reflected in their approach!    


Check if the digital design agency is a good fit for your organisation – can you work together well?

In order to get the best results from your website or design project, it’s so important to consider the ethos of the agency compared to your business. Key considerations are, do you work in a similar way? Do you have complementary goals? Do you have mutual respect for each other’s expertise? 

At Strafe we are very process driven. We always ensure that our clients understand the steps we take throughout the design and development process and help them see the value in each one. If a client doesn’t, ‘get it’ per say then working together will prove difficult. By being upfront about how we do things, we ensure that our clients get the most out of the relationship and the project itself.  

Of course every agency has a different approach to us, so be sure to do your research and have those exploratory conversations that will make all the difference to the end results! 

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