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The Strafe Creative Welcome Dashboard – simple, transparent and valuable

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Redesigning and building a client’s website doesn’t come without ups and downs. If you’ve ever had an agency work with your website in the past, you too may be familiar with these particular challenges: overwriting content, queries getting lost in chaotic inboxes, admin errors – the list goes on. We reviewed these issues and came up with a solution that could help our clients have an improved experience both during the project and beyond.

During web development and once the new WordPress site launches these ongoing dilemmas for clients and our agency team fall into six main areas:

  1. Not user friendly – the out of the box WordPress dashboard is not very user friendly as it displays far too much information. The dashboard doesn’t make clear what needs to be actioned by a client and what doesn’t.
  2. Loss of content – this happens when multiple organisations are making regular changes to data and content leading to overwriting.
  3. Too many emails – typically after rounds of maintenance and updates, there are a lot of emails with reports, it’s hard to keep track of them all.
  4. Queries are lost – if clients need to report an error or issue with the site, these emails can get lost in chaotic inboxes or customers call the office and there’s no-one available to discuss the issue. 
  5. Not knowing how to use the new site – with new updates or if the management of the new site sits with someone less experienced, clients might not be sure how to maximise the use of the updated site. 
  6. When things go wrong – it is sometimes hard to determine who and what may have caused an issue when bugs are reported to us. Without a tracker it makes issues harder to resolve.

We wanted to create a dashboard that is easy to use and provides clear guidance and value to a client. The goal is to assist the management of their website whilst keeping it straightforward and simple. 


Introducing the Strafe Creative Welcome Dashboard.

A cleanly designed, easy to use and transparent way for our WordPress clients to get to know their new site and manage it moving forward – an improved version of the current welcome dashboard WordPress users are used to.

Screenshot of the Welcome dasboard

Every Strafe WordPress client will now have access to the Welcome Dashboard which has been designed to address the issues highlighted and has the potential to offer many more features as it develops over time. Here’s how we’ve tackled and conquered each challenge using a client centric approach, we’ve put a strike through these dilemmas: 

  1. Not user friendly – The new dashboard is clean, easy to navigate and contains tabs at the top so clients can easily switch between essential information and support. 
  2. Loss of content – Through the use of a pop up on this main dashboard, ‘Content Freezes’ can be applied with a flick of a switch instead of numerous email communications. This ensures anyone who logs in knows not to update content and stops any overwriting. 
  3. Too many emails – Website maintenance reports are now kept in one place on WordPress instead of clients receiving emails at the end of the month. The latest report is found as soon as you log into WordPress. 
  4. No queries are lost – A clean and easy to use support ticket system has been built into the “Support” tab. It requests all relevant information and can be submitted from the dashboard as you experience the issue. This then links straight into the Strafe Creative project management system to ensure a prompt resolution.
  5. How to use the new site – We’ve built in a fantastic resource area that helps clients resolve some issues themselves without relying on us to teach each user. This not only speeds up business processes, but will also help new staff get to grips with the website. These tutorials will be updated regularly and will grow to become a great resource for Strafe clients. 
  6. When things go wrong – We’ve also included greater visibility of activity to help make troubleshooting much more efficient. This means less down time or periods of time with errors. Plus, clients can see when we’ve updated plugins and carried out regular maintenance on the site – this provides transparency for both us and the client.


Finally, after many requests from clients to assist with cookie pop-up maintenance, we created our own, easy to use cookie pop-up section. There are so many third party plugins and it’s difficult to guarantee the quality. The Strafe cookie pop-up allows our clients to easily amend and customise these settings without the need to find and update an extra plugin.  

Cookie pop up screenshot of the screen

Whilst this dashboard is only available for WordPress clients currently we hope to expand and build out equivalent versions where required, for our Shopify and Craft clients too. We have big plans for the resource area and are regularly updating it with new videos and guides to ensure our clients can get the most out of their new Strafe Creative websites. 

If you’re a current client, please feel free to let us know what you’d like to see in your Welcome Dashboard as we’re continuously improving it! 

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