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Vue JS

Interactive websites and apps

Vue JavaScript, built by a developer for developers

What started out as a passion project for a Google developer has quickly become one of the most widely used javascript frameworks globally. Like many other developers across the world, our team choose Vue to create and build bespoke, interactive features on websites and applications, thus helping our clients achieve higher conversion rates across their digital platforms.

A fast start to javascript with Vue

Javascript is essential for adding interactivity to a website or application; you can display timers and countdowns, slide through carousels or images and even host booking forms. Building a bespoke and interactive digital experience is at the heart of all of our design and development work at Strafe Creative. Vue JS gives our dev team an easy to use framework, allowing them to develop quickly and efficiently.

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Features that enhance your customer experience

Javascript enables you to build an exciting and interactive digital experience that will engage and convert users. The technology behind Vue JS is modern, thorough and designed to help our development team do their best work. The features we love are:

Declarative Rendering

Vue extends standard HTML with a template structure that allows us to declaratively describe HTML output based on JavaScript state


Vue automatically tracks JavaScript state changes and efficiently updates the user interface when changes happen. For example, showing a submit button once a user has filled in a specific section of the form.

Standardised Tools

The community supports and assists developers by maintaining a set of recommended out-of-the-box tools and plugins such as Webpack, Vue Router and Vuex.

Composition API

This API allows developers to extract common use cases into reusable functions for future projects. Plus it enables easy separation of concern. A developer can group common, related operations together making it easier for themselves or another developer to find what they’re looking for.

Scalable, small size and speedy

What do we all love these days? A website or application that is fast to load! Vue JS supports this user-friendly mission as it has a tiny downloadable size, helping your website with great UX and improved SEO ranking. It’s also scalable and flexible meaning you can use it for large applications and projects or create smaller components that can be integrated with different technologies.

Do you need a bespoke website or application? We’d love to hear about it.

Our aim is to create digital experiences that fit your needs, every time. Our developers and designers are qualified and experienced in designing custom web applications. We’ll work with you to understand the best approach for your business and industry.

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An open-source framework with a thriving community

Vue JS is an open-source front-end framework with a hands-on Founder, global partners and a thriving community. Vue is built with developers in mind; the team offer great documentation and the framework is intuitive, enabling newcomers to get up to speed, fast. Our dev team have the experience to build your bespoke site with Vue JS, plus the support of a global community who are refining and reviewing the framework daily.

Custom website development from your local, Nottingham digital design agency.

Your experienced Nottingham development team

We’ve worked hard to become experts in our field. Conversion is our goal and we use the tools that enable us to deliver results again and again.

We work alongside our clients in a close partnership, ensuring our team really gets under the skin of the brand. Through our clear eight-step process, we work together to produce and deliver a project that really meets our client's needs. Tools like Vue JS give us the flexibility to deliver engaging and interactive experiences across all our digital products!

We design and build bespoke websites that convert, time and time again.

We are an independent digital design agency, made up of creative thinkers and digital tinkers who are passionate about immersive digital experiences. We approach every bespoke website design with the same curiosity and conversion-driven methodology.

As a forward-thinking agency, we specialise in working with platforms that are fast and secure, but flexible enough that we can offer a bespoke website design and solution. We use frameworks such as Vue JS to ensure your digital products are interactive and engaging. From online booking systems to customer profiles, our team has the tools, and the experience, for the job.

All our websites are designed with conversion in mind, meaning you are guaranteed to get the best results on every single custom website design project. By taking into consideration both the client end user’s needs and expectations, we deliver conversion results through an exciting and immersive experience.