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Bespoke website development

Laravel - the creative developers’ toolbox

At Strafe Creative we pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to deliver exactly what they need, every single time. To build bespoke booking engines or membership sites, Laravel is the tool for the job. Every one of our custom website designs is built using this popular PHP web application framework, giving our clients the flexibility, functionality and features they need to achieve high conversion on their website.

Simplifying the development process

Laravel web builds are a straightforward, creative and enjoyable experience for our team of web developers in Nottingham and London. During the project, Laravel gives our development team out-of-the-box features and code. Not only does this speed up the development process, but it also makes it easier for the team to focus on the additional custom elements that suit your needs.

Our development team has a range of PHP experience, however as Laravel uses the MVC (model–view–controller) architectural pattern like many other PHP frameworks, current and new team members can easily jump onto a project if required to help speed things along.

The vibrant front page of Clubcomplete, built with laravel

Features that enhance your customer experience

The Laravel PHP framework allows you to build literally anything - you could even start the new Facebook or Spotify on this framework, it’s that flexible. With improving conversion rates at the heart of all our website design and development, here are the features we love that help increase those rates:


Out of the box, authentication systems make it straightforward for us to build your membership pages and private areas within your site. Whether that’s for customers or for your employees.


Laravel’s task schedule enables us to automate future or repetitive tasks within your web application. Useful examples include overdue payment reminders, generating reports, deleting old data or even something as simple as wishing the user happy birthday.


Laravel offers a built-in command-line tool (CLI) called artisan which helps automate tedious repetitive development tasks such as creating models or controllers. Plus it provides the skeleton code as a starting point to help speed up development.


Laravel has out of the box support for popular caching backends like Memcached, Redis, DynamoDB. This feature allows us to easily add caching to a web application in a few minutes instead of hours or days.


Laravel has made it easy to create powerful and secure APIs quickly. This is done by providing a transformation layer (API Resource) that sits between your models and application request responses. Enabling you to have full control of data return by the API based on your application needs.

An open-source framework with a thriving community

Laravel is an open-source framework with a hands-on Founder, global partners and a thriving community. Not only can you build with Laravel’s out of the box solutions, but the global community have built custom code packages you can also access. With so many developers using the framework, the code is regularly updated and near bug-free thanks to the community’s commitment to continuous refinement.

Do you have a custom website design in mind? We’d love to hear about it.

Our aim is to create a website that fits your needs, every time. Our developers and designers are qualified and experienced in designing custom web applications. We’ll work with you to understand the best approach for your business and industry.

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Bespoke content management systems to suit your needs

We build our bespoke websites to suit the needs of your business and your team. Whilst the smooth user experience is key for aiding conversion, we never forget about the user experience for you, behind the scenes. When working with Laravel we build our own content management system (CMS) that gives you exactly what you want and need. From updating blogs to adding new data and business locations, we make it easy for you to keep your site updated.

We design and build bespoke websites that convert, time and time again.

Your experienced Laravel web development agency

We’ve worked hard to become experts in our field. Conversion is our goal and we use the tools that enable us to deliver results again and again.

We work alongside our clients in a close partnership, ensuring our team really gets under the skin of the brand. Through our clear eight-step process, we work together to produce and deliver a project that really meets our client's needs, and Larvel is the toolbox that enables us to do this.

We design and build immersive HubSpot websites that engage customers and promote conversion.

We are an independent digital design agency, made up of creative thinkers and digital tinkers who are passionate about immersive digital experiences. We approach every bespoke website design with the same curiosity and conversion-driven methodology.

As a forward-thinking agency, we specialise in working with platforms that are fast and secure, but flexible enough that we can offer a bespoke website design and solution. We use Laravel to build the web application that suits your business needs. From online booking systems to customer profiles, Laravel has the tools to do it all.

All our websites are designed with conversion in mind, meaning you are guaranteed to get the best results on every single custom website design project. By taking into consideration both the client end user’s needs and expectations, we deliver conversion results through an engaging and immersive experience.