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Feeling frustrated and fed up with wondering why your conversion rate is so low? Are you tired of feeling like your competitors seem to have nailed it but you want to get ahead?

With increasing competition and ever-changing consumer demands, e-commerce is a tough old world.

Despite this, we’ve got a feeling you’re still optimistic and motivated to improve your e-commerce site. Yet with day to day reporting and site management, you’ve got little or no spare time on your hands.

So, what should you do?

You know if you just had an internal web designer on your team it would make a huge difference, but the business hasn’t got the budget for new staff right now.

Luckily, hiring a new team member isn’t always the best option. In fact, the best solution for you is to find an external web design agency.

In doing so, you can get dedicated specialists on the project, bringing their conversion expertise, experience and ‘we’ll help you beat your competition’ approach directly to you.

At Strafe Creative we offer all of those things, plus a conversion rate guarantee and we’re confident we can help you improve yours!

London Socks - two visual references of the new website

Why Strafe Creative?

There are so many agencies out there, big and small - but our independent agency specialises in helping e-commerce managers convert and sell more (and you know, impress the boss).

Over the last 12 years, co-founders Ross and Patrick have taken the science of engineering and applied it to digital products and experiences. In doing so, we have worked with some of the largest Fortune 500 companies and delivered digital products that are known and loved by millions.

Outside of business clients, we supported the local community with an application that helped match over 500,000 meals to those in need during the pandemic. A not-for-profit that is still going strong.

Our team delivers a bespoke digital design that is backed up with meticulous research into your customers and the full user experience.

Every single design detail is considered to ensure that your e-commerce site is built to convert no matter what you’re selling.

So why not bring in the experts? It’ll be a weight off your shoulders and an increase in that CR.

Conversion Rate Guarantee

That’s right, we are confident your conversion rate will improve after working with us, or we work on the site for free!

Flat Fees

You don’t have to worry about rising project costs. We're detailed in our sales process to ensure theres no nasty surprises.

Preferred Workflow and Communications

Agile? Waterfall? Slack? Teams? Whatever you prefer, we can align with your favourite way of working and communicating. Want to talk to us daily? Sure. Does monthly suit you better? No problem.

Hands-on Directors & Project Managers

That’s right, Ross and Patrick are involved in every project. This helps us ensure personalised service and high-quality output throughout. Questions about the project keeping you up at night? Your dedicated PM is on hand to answer these.

Detailed Project Plan

Sharing is caring, right? For transparency, we ensure you know the latest status of the project at all times.

Bespoke Design Work

Unique and functional, your site will be one of a kind and do exactly what you want it to.

Experienced Advisory Board

We thrive on the continuous improvement methodology and seek regular advice from a Senior Advisory Board to ensure we’re at the top of our game - thus helping you stay at the top of yours.

Open Source CMS System

By working with Open Source technology we benefit from an active and experienced community who support help evolve the technology out there - giving you the best version of the tech at all times.

Tailored training for your site

Once you’ve launched we’ll make sure you know exactly how to get the most out of your site.

Choose an independent agency

Whilst the prospect of a larger, all in one agency is tempting, often bigger agencies offer an out of the box solution for clients who have similar pain points.

In these cases, directors’ time is reserved for big clients and you’re less likely to have a personalised service.

At Strafe Creative we’re big enough to have detailed processes in place, but small enough to ensure a hands-on, personalised service from everyone - from junior talent through to the directors.

As specialists in conversion, we don’t try to cover all areas within our agency, we work closely with specialist partners to tackle digital marketing and SEO. It’s this niche expertise that really makes us stand out against our bigger, full-service agency competitors.

Ready to receive your free website audit?

In 2022, we are looking for new clients who are ready to improve their conversion rates and get ahead of their competitors (and that pesky ‘a to z’ company we won’t name).

Fill in the Project Planner to receive a FREE audit of your website.

A free website audit? What's the catch?

No catch! Our director Ross, yes you read that right, Director, will provide you with bespoke insights that will show you how we can help you level up your e-commerce website, and ultimately increase sales!

And that’s not all, once you’ve received your free audit, Ross will be in touch with you to discuss your pain points in more detail and how Strafe could help you.

There’s only a limited number of spots available with Ross over the next few weeks, so book now to get into his diary ASAP.

Join hundreds of other clients who have improved their conversion rates with Strafe Creative. The cost of our sites is often covered within just 3 months and we’ve reduced admin time for e-commerce managers, like yourself, by 50%.

What have you got to lose? (Apart from all that admin)!

So what’s next?

After filling in the Project Planner (below) you’ll receive your website audit within 5 working days. The audit is a video, with commentary and visual cues to show you what could be improved on your e-commerce site.

Ross, our Managing Director will be in touch with you to arrange a follow-up call and discuss how we could work together to tackle your e-commerce pain points.

We design and build immersive e-commerce websites that engage customers and promote conversion.