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Crypto Currency Branding

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A cryptocurrency your investors can trust

The race is on - which cryptocurrencies will dominate? Standing out in an increasingly more popular market is becoming harder by the day. These new, exciting currencies present a huge opportunity for millions around the world, but that doesn’t come without risk. Both for you as a digital currency and those investing. Your crypto currency branding is an important element you should invest in to help build long-term trust in what is deemed for many, an abstract concept.

Crypto branding - first impressions count

New technologies come hand in hand with uncertainty within the market. Whilst savvy investors are already miles ahead in their investments and returns, in order to achieve the global goals cryptocurrencies are destined for, there must be a widespread consumer uptake.

As more people start to research, learn and invest, building trust in your cryptocurrency is crucial. Those initial impressions about your crypto brand could make or break it. Often those who invest in their brand upfront and prove credibility in the market are the most successful. Through a professional look and feel and transparent communication, you can attract both new and experienced investors.

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Building credibility in your coins

Whether creating a new crypto brand or evolving an existing one, our main goal is always the same; to discover and connect you with your customers. With effective strategy and strong visual brand design, we can create a recognisable crypto brand that has a clear and distinct message. Through experience and clearcut research we find these key features proven in building trust with investors:

Professional Branding

Branding is much more than simply logo design; your brand needs to live and breathe your core values. All brand visuals, copy and content must all be aligned to be able to deliver a clear and trustworthy message to your target market.

Your story

Transparency about your technology, network, ecosystem and use case is an important part of your brand messaging. Share FAQs and opportunities to connect with developers and investors through social links.

Showcase the founders

To avoid doubt and uncertainty about the validity of your currency, showcasing the team behind the technology can help give consumers peace of mind and trust when considering an investment with you. With ‘rug pull’ horror stories out there, new and savvy investors want to know who they’re dealing with.


Offer engagement through gamification with your coins, badges, XP and leaderboards. Simple tactics can encourage loyalty to your currency pushing investors to HODL and stick around for longer.

A branding agency that understands your needs

As a forward-thinking agency, we’ve researched and invested the time to understand the crypto market. We will learn about your business objectives and goals and incorporate that into our branding and web designs. With a range of different personas to target in the market, we will help newbies and savvy investors to trust your tokens and stick behind your currency in the long term.

Looking to bring your crypto brand to life? We’d love to hear about it.

Our aim is to create a crypto brand that builds trust and credibility. Our designers are experienced and passionate about designing for forward-thinking companies. We take the time to understand the best approach for your business.

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Brand development that really works

When working with clients on their project brief, specifications and goals for their business, we’ll always advise the best approach and where relevant, the best web platform. Conversion and loyalty are at the heart of our brand development approach so we’ll work with you on a brand that not only says trust but also improves your online conversions.

Award-winning work benefitting some of the world’s most influential brands.

Your experienced cryptocurrency branding agency

We’ve worked hard to become experts in our field. As specialists in conversion, we’ve integrated all that we know into designing branding and digital products that convert. Our processes, workflows and automated tools ensure a smooth and streamlined process every step of the way.

We work alongside our clients in a close partnership, ensuring our team really gets under the skin of the brand. Our mutual goal is to produce a great project and this streamlined approach is where the difference is made.

We craft credible crypto currency brands that build trust and drive investment.

Our independent Nottingham brand Crypto design agency is made up of creative thinkers and digital tinkers who are passionate about digital experiences. We approach every branding project with the same curiosity and conversion-driven methodology.

This approach ensures that every project is considered, planned and designed in a way that suits our clients and is impactful on the users. We specialise in working with platforms that are secure, but flexible enough that we can offer a unique design and solution for every crypto brand project.

By taking into consideration both the client end user’s needs and expectations, we deliver an engaging and immersive experience, which ultimately leads to conversion.