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Craft CMS

The new CMS on the block

Craft CMS, rapid and flexible

The user experience on a website has never been more important than today; fast loading times, intuitive design and express checkouts. Craft CMS has recognised and responded to that with its rapid load times, secure sites and easy to use content management system. Craft has also ensured administration teams in the backend are taken into consideration with straightforward formatting options.

Craft can handle commerce too

Craft’s out-of-the-box commerce solution gives us everything we need to design your e-commerce store on their platform. Each product or item is treated just like any other piece of content on your site making it easy to upload and manage. The checkout process and design are completely customisable, meaning we can ensure it’s an experience that has your customer in mind throughout. Secure payment methods can be integrated, plus Craft offers discounts, coupons, shipping and tax updates as standard for us to use without purchasing any plugins.

Screenshots of the Potton website

The fastest-growing CMS

Craft’s intuitive CMS has inspired other major content management systems to update their approach too. Once your template has been designed by our developers, you can easily update and manage your site using Craft’s blocks and sections. Other features we love at Strafe Creative include:

Secure and safe

Security is a huge priority for Craft. Unlike other open-source CMS systems, Craft’s file structure is built with security embedded, meaning it is one of the most secure CMS platforms in the world.

Easy to use sections

Designing a site with Craft is simple and fun. Their section builder enables our developers to easily replicate sections across your site design making the build process quick for us and simple for you to manage thereafter.

Forms for you

Craft offers some great out-of-the-box elements including ready to go forms we can design in line with your brand. Once live you can easily edit and update without the need for developer support.

Strafe loves to work with Craft

Working with Craft has been a great way to develop our skills with forward-thinking platforms and clients. Managing content in a straightforward and secure manner is a huge priority for many companies and we pride ourselves on being one of the first adopters of Craft CMS and building some fantastic client sites within the content management system.

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Our aim is to create a website that fits your needs, every time. Our designers are qualified and experienced in designing sites built with Craft. We know and understand the best approach for your business.

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Go international with Craft

If your organisation is looking to expand beyond borders then Craft is a fantastic option for your site. Localising currencies, languages and offerings is straightforward with Craft’s localisation feature which allows us to replicate pages or sites and update them ready for a local market. Great for businesses that are looking to scale.

Take your website to the next level with Craft CMS

Your experienced Craft CMS Agency

Working with the latest software and technology is something we pride ourselves on here at Strafe Creative. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve and enhance the services we offer our clients and integrating new systems and technologies into our offering is part of that. Craft enables us to easily build beautifully designed websites that convert. Plus, for clients, they’re simple to update in the backend.

We work alongside our clients in a close partnership, ensuring our team really gets under the skin of the brand. Our mutual goal is to produce a great project and this streamlined approach is where the difference is made.

We design and build immersive Craft and Craft-commerce sites that convert, time and time again.

Our independent brand agency is made up of creative thinkers and digital tinkers who are passionate about digital experiences. We approach every Craft website project with the same curiosity and conversion-driven methodology.

This approach ensures that every web project is considered, planned and designed in a way that suits our clients and is impactful on the users. We specialise in working with platforms that are secure, but flexible enough that we can offer a unique design and solution for every Craft project.

By taking into consideration both the client end user’s needs and expectations, we deliver an engaging and immersive experience, which ultimately leads to conversion.