Strafe Creative -
Town 10K
Working with a fitness startup to deliver a brand and web project promoting distance running.
  • Client: Town10K
  • Discipline: Brand identity / Website Design & Build

Town10K are a new social fitness enterprise, promoting health and wellbeing around the UK through distance running around smaller towns in the UK. The rise of personal fitness events in recent years has mainly be confined to larger cities within the UK, Town10K has set out to change this.


We helped Town10K position their brand to be relatable to the fitness enthusiast whilst being approachable to the casual 'fun-runner' who may be averse to competing in endurance style events. The new, distinctive identity is easily identifiable across various media and was applied to a range of signage and merchandise.

Record number of participants for an event in the launch locations.
265% increase in participants based on previous events.
"@StrafeCreative thanks for the great website design for @Town10K!"