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Void Homme – E commerce - High converting bespoke product page

Expertly handling customer objections to improve single-product conversion rates

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Examples of the Void Homme Products

With more than 90% of its traffic coming from social media, Void Homme was looking for a bespoke page for their hero product, a beard filler pencil. The goal for the Strafe Creative team was to design and build a best in class single-product page that would build credibility, answer objections and improve the conversion rate. The design and experience had to fit in with the rest of the website and give a potential customer enough information to really engage and purchase.

A bespoke product page

The main goal of the product page was to answer any possible objections a potential customer might have. Whilst the product was already selling well, Void Homme was losing people along the way as users browsing weren’t sure how the product worked or if it was suitable for them. Skin colour, beard length and time to use were key objections we sourced from customers and online research.

Interactive Elements to engage the user
Mobile Examples of the Website
Researching user objections for this project was fascinating. We really got inside the minds of the target audience for Void Homme to understand exactly what they would think as they were browsing the site. This meant we could address objections and help to remove concerns for the users, thus drastically improving the conversation rate.

Ross Davies

Managing Director, Strafe Creative

Screenshots showing the website

A design that addresses every concern

It was essential that every possible query was answered on this bespoke page. Single-product pages convert well when a customer is engaged, their questions answered and they see relevant sources of credibility to back up the product. We included the following on the page:

  • How tos
  • Credibility
  • FAQs
  • Prices
A full screenshot of the website, with all featured shown

Some of the key details

Example screenshot of the website
Visual Led Design

Sliders, videos and imagery enabled a user to understand the benefits of the product in a variety of visual ways.

Man users the void homme beard filler
Key objections answered

Key questions such as ‘will it work with my beard length?’ were important to address as, without this specific information, users were much more likely to bounce as they immediately assume the product isn’t for them.

Void Homme mobile app view
Mobile 1st Design

With over 90% of traffic coming from mobile, ensuring a slick mobile buying experience was paramount and was a huge focus in this project.