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Vita Mojo needed a brand and website they could be truly proud of, after huge growth and attracting some of the largest names in the hospitality industry, they knew they needed to revaluate their public appearance. Vita Mojo is a tech company at heart, meaning data is key to everything they do. To support this, they chose Strafe Creative as their official design partner due to our conversion lead design approach.


The key considerations

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Creating something to attract national chains

With Nando's and Yo Sushi already on board when we started working with them, Vita Mojo was keen on attracting more national chains to continue their incredible growth.

Vita Mojo logo on a violet background
Crafting a brand to be proud of

The brand is made up of petals to represent life (vita). These feature in the main logo icon, in the typography and are used as large background petals to brand items without the name needing to be included.

Vita Mojo desktop web page screenshot
A sales focused site

Often it can be difficult to gauge how a software might work for you, especially with many hospitality companies having yet to fully embrace tech. So it was paramount we created a digestible site which really sold the user on the amazing benefits Vita Mojo provide.

Powering the digital transformation behind the best food and drink brands.

Vita Mojo logo with and without wireframe

Careful UX planning and meticulous planing of content

With multiple persona types visiting the website, one of the biggest challenges when approaching web project was marrying the various offerings for each type of persona in a way with felt natural to the user. Working closely with the client, the UX team went through numerous revisions at "Wireframe" stage to ensure the site was as simple to navigate as possible.

Vita Mojo content screenshots
Vita Mojo desktop web view

Striving to create an exciting and market leading appearance for an ambitious hospitality tech brand.

Vita's leadership team wanted to create a fun and approachable brand which also got across the meaning of their name, with Vita meaning Life, and Mojo meaning Magic. The flower was chosen to represent Life overall and the nuances used throughout the titles sprinkle the design with the "Magic".

Vita Mojo's offering is bespoke and tailored around really understanding their clients, so it was imperative we create a brand that gave that approachable feel. Our plan was to strike the fine balance between a striking visual design to promote the brand, yet build a strong functional brand and web experience as well.

Vita Mojo content screenshots
Vita Mojo desktop web page screenshot
Vitamojo brand extention
A massive thanks for all of your teams hard work on this. The brand and website look amazing, we're excited to share it with the world!

Irene Coglan

Marketing Manager