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Cornerstones Education – Conversion Focused Website - Web Design & Development Project

Empowering primary schools to deliver their ideal curriculum.

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Cornerstones Education has worked with primary schools for over a decade, giving them the tools to design and manage their own curriculums all through collaborative interactive software.


A new dawn for curriculum design and delivery

Cornerstones Education has a very clear vision for primary education curriculums and how they should be designed. Often it can be difficult for teachers to change and amend curriculums without headache and heavily increased workload.

The answer and core idea was to highlight how their product suite could allow teachers and education providers the freedom to create their own curriculum plans simply and easily.

Hand holding a purple marker drawing on white board

Moving education forward through the freedom to create.

Building a people-centric aesthetic

People focussed photography

All too often brands can become faceless and feel less approachable. However, due to Cornerstone’s hands-on approach, we felt it necessary for an on-location shoot at their HQ to showcase the people behind the product.

Seamlessly integrated podcasts

Utilising the Captivate podcast embed system, we were able to directly integrate their wildly successful podcast series into the website, all while keeping it on-brand.

Events system

A fully featured events system was integrated into the site, allowing the client to bring event handling in-house rather than relying on third-parties.

Mobile first design approach

As always, our web design projects are designed and built mobile first, ensuring the mobile experience can be as full-featured at the desktop. Our web team worked tirelessly in building a fast and responsive site, all on an SEO-driven framework.