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How to Sell a T-shirt Online – To Anyone!

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Selling a T-shirt online might sound straightforward but to be able to convert browsers into buyers has its challenges. It involves a strong understanding of your audience, being able to address potential customer objections upfront, while clearly showing the unique qualities of your T-shirts, by doing this you will be able to increase your conversion rates. This blog explores the ins and outs of selling a T-shirt online successfully, you can also watch the full video using the link at the bottom of this page.

Understanding Your Audience


The first step to convincing someone to buy a T-shirt online, is understanding and addressing their potential concerns. These can range from questions about price (“Is this T-shirt worth the money?”) to queries about the fit (“Is it true to size?”). Identifying these issues involves research and customer feedback and once identified, addressing them directly on your product pages through detailed descriptions, FAQs, and customer testimonials which will mitigate concerns and encourage purchasing.


social proofing through reviews

Price vs. Quality


Price is often the first and most important checkpoint for buyers. It’s not just about offering the lowest price but justifying the price point through visible quality and distinct benefits. For example, if your T-shirts are made from organic cotton, highlight this fact clearly as a justification for a higher price point compared to other, lower quality materials.


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Highlighting Fit and Sizing Clearly


The fit of a T-shirt is a personal preference and varies widely across different body types, making it a key question for online shoppers. To help customers, providing a detailed sizing chart that includes measurements and a few tips on how to measure yourself is really useful. You can consider using models of varying sizes in your product images to give a realistic idea of how the T-shirts fit on different body types. Additionally, offering a tool that recommends sizes based on other customer reviews and experiences such as height, weight, and preferred fit can significantly enhance the user experience and likelihood of them buying your product.


Effective Use of Imagery and Presentation

At Strafe we believe that high-quality images are essential to successful e-commerce stores. Displaying your T-shirts from multiple angles and on different models to appeal to a diverse customer base is important, along with lifestyle images showing the T-shirts being worn in different settings can also help customers envision themselves wearing the product. Techniques like parallax scrolling can keep product images dynamic and engaging, helping to maintain customer interest as they use your site.


Building Trust through Transparency


Trust is crucial in increasing conversion rates, clearly outlining certain aspects such as your return and shipping policies can help achieve this, along with if your brand has eco-friendly practices or uses high-quality, sustainable materials, these can be highlighted to resonate with environmentally conscious consumers. Customer reviews and ratings can also play a significant role in building trust, so ensuring these are easily visible and reflect genuine customer experiences is important.


social proofing using video and reviews

Detailing Product Specifications and Benefits


Although it is important to outline the basic details of your T-shirt, it is also key for e-commerce stores to highlight the specifics of what makes their T-shirts special or different. Discussing the fabric quality, source of the materials and any unique design elements, for example, if your T-shirts feature exclusive artwork, you should share the story behind the designs. This will enhance the product’s appeal but also will connect with potential buyers making them standout.


Addressing Additional Considerations


Considering and highlighting additional details that might influence a purchase decision will help to boost those conversion rates, these could be things such as;

  • Explaining the durability and care of the T-shirts to ensure they last longer, which will reinforce the value of the purchase.
  • Detailing how the T-shirts are produced with minimal environmental impact will appeal to eco-conscious consumers.
  • Describing how the T-shirts are packaged, for example, premium or eco-friendly packaging can be a selling point for many customers.
  • Showing how customers are using or styling your T-shirts on social media, provides social proofing and community engagement.


showing fit and making their product stand out

Utilising Strategic Tools


Implementing tools such as size predictors, virtual try-ons, or live chat support to assist customers during their shopping journey, can significantly reduce the hesitation associated with online shopping, by providing personalised guidance and immediate answers to questions.


additional features to increase conversion rates

Simplifying the Purchase Process


At Strafe, we know that ensuring the purchase process is as smooth as possible is crucial for conversion rates. A user-friendly website with a simple checkout process and clear information on shipping and returns, will reduce cart abandonment significantly. Considering features like a persistent cart that saves previously added products or the ability to checkout quickly for returning customers are all nice features e-commerce stores can implement.


quick add to cart feature



Successfully selling items like T-shirts online requires more than just a great product, it needs a strong understanding of your customer needs and an ability to address them effectively through your e-commerce website. By focusing on transparency, quality, and customer service, whilst utilising the correct tools and strategies, you can significantly boost your online sales and create a loyal customer base.

You can watch the the full video here.

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