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Designer Reacts to New SAAS Companies on Product Hunt

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We recently did a part two of ‘Designer Reacts’ looking into how emerging SaaS companies on Product Hunt are using their homepage designs to attract and engage their users. This blog analyses the strategies they are using, whilst highlighting the successes and areas for improvement, you can watch the full video using the link at the bottom of this page.

A Detailed Analysis of Different SaaS Homepages



Firstly, we took a look at Turnip, a tool which promotes straightforward time tracking for freelancers. The homepage clearly gets across its purpose with a bold title that quickly tells the user what they do. However, the colour scheme when in ‘dark mode’, while aesthetically it looks minimalistic and sleek, it also risks overshadowing key elements like the ‘Free Download’ button, which does not stand out. Having the option to change the colour scheme to a ‘day / light mode’ is a great feature, making it much clearer and engaging for the user.


Turnips homepage showing colour contrast



Next up was Sofa, which is designed to help users manage their downtime more effectively. The homepage tries to integrate different elements of leisure, gaming, reading, and music into its design. While we could see the intention is to show its versatility, overall it feels slightly cluttered, taking away from the key message rather than making it the focus of the page. The design includes 3D buttons that feel slightly dated. At Strafe, we think that streamlining the content and opting for a more minimalist design could enhance clarity and user engagement.


sofas homepage showing importance of clear visuals



We went on to look at a platform called Braudit, aimed at career development, which uses high visual contrast effectively with white text on a dark background that instantly draws the eye. However, the website’s actual content struggles to communicate the benefits of using the service. Strong visuals and dynamic interaction points are great for engaging the user but at times you are left guessing how the service can actually benefit you. Improving this could involve more direct explanations or demonstrative graphics that clearly outline the user journey and potential outcomes from using the platform.


Braudit homepage


Paddle Boat

Looking at Paddle Boat next, where we first noticed a few of the interactive elements felt unfinished, for example, clickable features on the homepage felt clunky or did not work. The ‘Book a Demo’ button lacked interaction which also felt like a missed opportunity.

However, there were lots of things we did like about the site, these being a visually very appealing homepage and effectively using logos from credible companies to create trust.

The animations were slower than we would have liked and we also found that the site lacked interactive demos and explanations which are key for engaging users and providing clear product insights. The lack of clear pricing information could also potentially deter users by giving the impression of high costs.


PaddleBoat homepage


Get Boom

We moved onto ‘Get Boom’, which had a ​​visually appealing design that effectively shows what it can do through good colour contrast and engaging elements. The homepage did an excellent job highlighting a 14-day free trial, which stood out.

We also liked the interactive demonstrations on the site, like custom screen sharing options which added a unique touch that makes the product stand out. Credibility through logos from well-known brands creates trust, which is great for social proofing.

We were really impressed with this website overall with only some minor improvements like the parallax effects that looked like they needed technical improvements, the overall presentation was strong, with clearly communicated pricing and benefits that were directly aimed at the users needs. This site shows how effectively combining aesthetics with functionality makes a huge difference when looking to convert your users.

Get Boom - homepage



Next up, we looked at Assista which made a strong first impression on us, by positioning its product right at the top of the page and targeting their audience. The homepage uses clear contrast and testimonials from its users for social proofing which is really effective.

However, we felt at times certain aspects of the user experience could be improved. For example, CTAs could be better integrated to allow the user to focus on the main content.

At Strafe, we can see the website looks to be simple but some areas feel unfinished or too simple, which we felt was a missed opportunity to guide potential customers to converting. Visual and textual clarity could be improved as well to ensure all users can easily navigate and understand what the website is selling. Overall, we think Assista has made a strong start on their website and some simple changes could make a huge difference to convert visitors into customers.

Assista honepage



Our final website was ‘Milestone’,  which does a great job with a strong, clear title and a video which effectively establishes its credibility. The layout has high-contrast elements for easy navigation, although we felt that the integration between the video content and the website interface could be improved to avoid confusion.

The interactive features used like animated product demonstrations are great for engagement, our only critique was some buttons could be clearer to encourage better interaction. Overall, the website has a clean design and good navigation, making the visibility of interactive elements clear. Being consistent throughout the site would significantly improve the user experience.



Common Themes and Recommendations


Across these examples, several common design themes were highlighted to us that in our opinion are crucial for SaaS companies to consider:


Visual Contrast and User Engagement

During our analysis we noted a reoccurring theme was the need for better visual contrast.  The use of contrast needs to be balanced carefully, not just to catch the eye but to guide users through the site and persuade them to take action, such as signing up or downloading a tool.


Clarity in Messaging

We noticed each site shows a varying degree of clarity in its messaging, While Turnip’s does a great job in straightforward communication, Sofa and Braudit at times leaves users with some uncertainty. At Strafe, we want to highlight the importance of being able to clarify what the user is expected to do next and why it matters effectively. Simple, strong messaging that aligns closely with your users will help convert browsers more effectively.


Design for User Experience

At Strafe, we feel design elements should always enhance the user experience, not distract from it. This involves not only aesthetic choices but also functional aspects of the website design. For instance, ensuring that CTA buttons are prominently placed and that navigation is intuitive can significantly affect the user’s ability to interact with the site. We want to highlight that a beautiful site that users find difficult to navigate is less effective than a simpler one that guides them smoothly from introduction to conversion.


Turnips contrast of colour


Utilising Feedback for Continuous Improvement

Lastly, we want to emphasise the importance of website designs based on user feedback. Each of these companies could hugely benefit from regularly collecting and analysing user interactions on their sites to refine and optimise the user journey. Tools like heatmaps, user session recordings, and A/B testing can provide invaluable insights that drive better design decisions.



For SaaS startups looking to make a significant impact, they need to be focusing on their homepage. This is because it is often your first and best chance to capture interest and convert visitors into customers. Using strong visuals, clear messaging, and an intuitive layout will help to boost conversion rates.

You can watch the full video here:

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