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The Strafe team just got bigger

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Here at Strafe Creative, we are excited to announce that we have teamed up with three top execs to form an advisory board. The Strafe leadership team Ross (me) and Patrick Dolan our Creative Director, meet the advisory board quarterly to receive strategic advice on business and product development.

Over the past 10 years, we’ve strived to deliver high-quality digital experiences for our clients and have done so, with a few accolades along the way! As we’ve grown, we’ve not only hired more talent to the team but also have been attracting larger brands and therefore, bigger digital projects.

With some bigger companies keen to work with us, we wanted to adapt our processes, improve our digital products further and develop additional skills to support them. 

To do this we decided we needed some help, there were so many questions we just didn’t have the answers to. What were large companies expecting during a pitch? What were they looking for in a digital design agency? How could we work best with bigger e-commerce and marketing teams, as opposed to directly with the Directors as we have done in the past? 

To support this mission we started reaching out to some top execs who had the experience and knowledge we wanted to tap into. Despite a cold approach to recruiting this board, we had a lot of interest from a pool of talented executives, directors and owners.   

After going through a number of interviews to check if we were a good fit for each other (that’s really important in this kind of situation), we strategically chose three top execs based on their experience, skill set and industry knowledge. 

Introducing the Strafe Creative Advisory Board: 

Tony Kane is the former Group Marketing Director of Key Group with many years of experience, building brand strategies to deliver great customer experiences that meet significant growth ambitions. He’s worked with many household brands including Forest Holidays, Aviva Group, Holland and Barrett, Universal Music Group, Next, Next Directory and Boots. “It’s been so refreshing working with the talented team of creative technicians at Strafe, who have the drive, energy and passion to deliver outstanding client results”. 

Matt Fenby-Taylor is currently ClearScore’s Chief Product Officer. We were passionate about finding the right person to support the growth of Strafe’s digital product delivery. Since Matt has mostly worked in-house at brands such as Sony, SoundCloud and Skyscanner, he’s able to offer us a unique perspective on what might be expected by clients and the end consumers. Over the years Matt has built large consumer-facing technology products and is well placed to assist and advise us on growth in this space.

Olly Walker-Boden is a Managing Partner at New Zealand advertising agency, Federation. His experience in creative, client management and business growth with top global brands, Emirates, Budweiser, Adidas and Visa just to name a few, is second to none, so we knew he’d be a great addition. Olly has been close to the business for quite some time, he knows we as a team have the right kind of passion that will help us to unlock the right opportunities.  ‘It’s a pleasure and a privilege to support Strafe Creative at a time of such sustained and ambitious growth in the business. Ross and Patrick are an impressive leadership duo – it’s been a fun ride collaborating with them, Matt and Tony. There’s a huge depth of knowledge between us and plenty of enthusiasm to super-charge the next stage of success at Strafe Creative’. 


As we work with new clients we’re excited to learn new technologies, methodologies and digital strategies! So watch this space for future case studies and success stories as we take the next step in Strafe’s digital journey… 

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