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P22 – how Strafe Creative is adapting, learning and evolving throughout 2022

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Strafe Team dressed up for an awards night

Recently the Strafe Leadership team got together to look back on 2021. Whilst we secured some fantastic, big clients and worked on innovative projects, there were some stressful moments along the way. At Strafe, we pride ourselves on learning from what we call ‘snags’, things that go wrong so with that in mind, we’ve reviewed the year and are looking forward to introducing some new ideas into the business that will help maintain the great client work and a successful team, but with less stress along the way.

Putting our team first is so important to us, from our flexible working options to our family first policies we focus on looking after our staff. If projects start to be stressful, we know we need to make sure it doesn’t happen again! 

There are four key areas we’re looking to develop to ensure a highly motivated and happy team. 

Plans & Accountability 

To help the team develop leadership skills and have ownership within their specialisms, we, the leadership team, will present upcoming business plans and ideas to the team to get their feedback. This transparency will give our staff the chance to feedback and suggest their own ideas, plus it keep them in the know about our more long-term plans. 

To complement this, we are working hard to ensure there are clear responsibilities and accountability. Working on any project comes with positives and negatives, yet each can be seen as a learning opportunity. We want our team to feel like they have full ownership of their client projects and learn something every step of the way! 

Strafe Team dressed up for an awards night

Hiring & Recruitment

As a candidate, finding the right job is so difficult and the same goes for hiring. It’s got to be a mutual fit for both our possible new team member and us as a current team. With this in mind, we’ll be giving our existing team the chance to be more heavily involved in the hiring and recruitment process. We hope this will help us find new staff that is a true and authentic fit with the rest of the group and will stay with us for many years to come.  

Once we’ve found our latest hire, we have updated the onboarding process to ensure they feel comfortable, welcomed and ready to hit the ground running. 


More flexibility in our working hours 

Currently, we offer flexible working hours, Strafe employees can start at any time between 8 – 9.30 and with a 1-hour lunch break finish up between 16 – 17.30.

However, we’re really excited to introduce even more flexibility, with an additional (unpaid) hour break that can be used at any point during the day! Perfect for that morning dentist appointment, school drop off or a lunchtime gym session. The team will now be able to start work between 7 – 9.30 and with 2 hours of break can finish up until 18.30. 

We want Strafe staff to feel like they can live their lives in a way that suits them, rather than being restricted by working hours that just don’t fit with the reality of modern life! 


Cool stuff 

Bonus holiday days will be awarded to long-serving staff as a reward for their service with us. Typically Christmas days off has been a mandatory holiday, however with our remote working going so well, there’s no reason why the team cannot work from home then as well, so this rule will be no more! 

Finally, given the pandemic deprived us of fun, social get-togethers and we’ve really felt it. From Q2 we have plans to ensure regular fun activities with the team, which will of course help build strong relationships that will flourish both in and outside of the office. 

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We want Strafe to be an enjoyable place to work, where you can create and deliver amazing work that you can be proud of, in a flexible, social working environment. 

If we sound like a great place to work then check out what our team members have to say in this blog, read more about our family-friendly policy and then go on, view our job openings

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