CleanStreet Advertising

CleanStreet Advertising is a guerrilla advertising company based in the heart of UK in Nottingham with a view to advertising in two distinct manners. These being; seen and selling to the public in places you wouldn’t normally expect and secondly with one eye always on the lovely mother earth, meaning everything they do is environmentally friendly. A personal favourite of Strafe Creative’s is the clean graffiti service. This involves cleaning sections of dirt off to craft clever and eye catching advertisements.



To design a brand image specifically tailored to the possibility of being made into a large stencil so it can be easily used in all the companies’ guerrilla advertising. But to still have the effect of being a modern and stylish design which would look great across a multiple of media ensuring an obvious link with the environment was also essential for the branding.



The brand for CleanStreet advertising was given a sleek, modern style using a bold, specially designed font (just for them!) and a prominent yet clearly environmental colour pallet. This created a bold, unique brand style which is exactly what their company is all about. It helps them stand out from any other marketing company and really encapsulates the company beliefs. (As we like their work so much we even recommend them to our clients)

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